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Thermowood in Duplio House | Lunawood
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Thermowood in Duplio House | Lunawood

  • Use

    Interior and exterior
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Dimensionally stable, resistant to high temperatures, durable, weather-resistant
  • Certification

    PEFC certification label, TMT certification label (The International ThermoWood Association), International KOMO certification, BRE label (Building Research Establishment Limited)

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More about this product

Wood is a popular material in Finnish housing but using Thermowood for exterior cladding is a relatively new phenomenon. Leading the way, is the three-generational semi-detached Duplio residence in Tuusula by SAIKA design Oy. Duplio house uses Lunawood Thermowood for the exterior cladding of the stone house for contrast and softness.

SAIKA has a design philosophy that centers around the needs of users, with consideration to the surrounding buildings and nature. Aesthetic values and functional dimensions are also very important. In their work, the two architects are greatly inspired by nature, art and people.

Long Service Life, Technically and Aesthetically

SAIKA has experience designing both wooden houses and stone buildings. However, with a focus on smaller-scale Finnish building projects, the majority of their projects are houses with a wooden structure and wooden exterior cladding. For sustainability, it is important that the materials have a long service life and aesthetically that their appearance mirrors their makeup, Tiina and Mikko are not in favour of copies or products that imitate other materials. Materials should look the way they are.

Lunawood Details

The name ‘Duplio’ refers to the double ridge roof and attached roof terraces built on top of the car shelters; a solution that considerably increases the outdoor space on the small plot. The design built in open luminous zones throughout the house. Fresh, modern and minimalistic, the home opens with a high and airy entrance hall continuing past a light staircase and through a passage, opening into a high-ceilinged dining area.

The stone house uses Lunawood Thermowood for exterior and interior cladding. It was the architects’ suggestion to use Lunawood’s Thermowood as an exterior cladding material for Duplio for the tone of the wood that matched nicely the white plastering and black window frames and effects, the tone added warmth to the minimalist design. Thermowood is durable and has a long service life. According to Tiina and Mikko, Thermowood is a material for the future because thermally treated wood is a durable, natural, and ecological choice.


Without surface treatment, UV light turns Thermowood grey to keep the wood of Duplio’s façade as close to the original shade of brown as possible, the façade profiles were pre-painted light brown at the factory.

Façade Luna Panel System 20×142 profiles with hidden nailing fastening, pre-painted light brown
Terrace Factory-oiled wide Luna Deck System Profix 3 40×185 mm terrace boards, installed with hidden clips
Pergola Luna SHP 42×68 battens and Luna Post 120×120 posts
Protective fence Brushed black Luna Pro Coated UTV 20×142 Hidden Nailing


Lunawood Thermowood is also great for interior use, creating a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior spaces. In Duplio, Thermowood was used indoors on effect walls and ceilings as well as in the sauna. The Luna Triple Shadow is an eye-catcher on the ceiling of the high entrance hall. It looks like a row of battens but is much easier and quicker to install than individual strips.

Effect wall in bedroom Jukola 3D 440-1 (Plait)
Foyer ceiling Luna Triple Shadow 32×140
Sauna wall Luna Dual Shadow 26×142
Sauna benches Luna SHP Sauna 26×92

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