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How to Use Thermowood in Interiors | Lunawood
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How to Use Thermowood in Interiors | Lunawood

  • Use

  • Applications

    Interior cladding, saunas, spas
  • Characteristics

    Dimensional stability, antibacterial, non-toxic, resin-free, thermal insulation
  • Sizes

    Luna STP: 15x92, Luna TGV: 17x188, Luna SHP sauna: 26×92, Luna HLL: 26x92, Luna HLL/L: 26x118
  • Certification

    PEFC certification label, TMT certification label (The International ThermoWood Association), International KOMO certification, BRE label (Building Research Establishment Limited)

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More about this product

Lunawood Thermowood is a premium wood material for a versatile range of interior applications. Lunawood offers a sustainable option especially for decorative surfaces of tropical hardwoods. Certified Nordic pine and raw spruce is carefully selected for quality and treated to make it more durable and long-lasting. The Thermo treatment is done without chemicals, using only heat and steam, which gives the wood a beautiful brown tone.

Two Heat Treatment Classes

Lunawood produces two standard thermal modification classes, LunaThermo-S and LunaThermo-D which are separated by differing heat treatment temperatures.

  • LunaThermo-S
    The S stands for stability, LunaThermo-S has an attractive light-brown shade and greatly improved stability. It is heat-treated at milder temperatures (190ºC). LunaThermo-S products are suitable only for indoor use.
  • LunaThermo-D
    The D in LunaThermo-D stands for durability, this wood has a darker brown tone. The thermal modification temperature of 212ºC significantly improves its durability and stability making it suitable for internal and external applications without the need for chemical preservative treatment. LunaThermo-D is also suitable for humid spaces like spa and sauna.
Interior Thermowood
LunaThermo-S LunaThermo-D

LunaThermo-S treatment on Nordic Spruce, LunaThermo-D treatment on Nordic Pine. See the difference in species and in brown tone.

Coherent Design Throughout Spaces

Interior Thermowood

Forum Braga by Barbosa and Guimarães architects in Portugal, 2018

Lunawood gives architects and designers the possibility to create a coherent design throughout spaces. Lunawood enables harmonious aesthetic flow outside in and inside out with the same product. With Lunawood Thermowood the exterior and interior spaces can communicate seamlessly with each other.

Haptic Properties

Interior Thermowood
B Home by Bragaño Architects in Spain, 2016, photo © Mariela Apollonio

The touch, visuality, and scent of Lunawood Thermowood have a sophisticated yet natural feel.

Interior design assembled with nuances and warm, natural tones leave a lasting imprint. Playing with different widths of the same profiles, orientations, and edges can be used to create a timeless spatial experience that tickles all the senses.

Silky Touch

Interior Thermowood
Photo: an office in Finland

Planed Lunawood Thermowood has a silky-smooth surface. Lunawood Interior products contain knots and cracks of various sizes and numbers that is part of the genuine rustic appearance.

Visuality – Vivid And Organic

Interior Thermowood
Lynnwood Lane Retail Center by Living Planet Architects in South Africa, 2019

Beautiful brown-toned, Lunawood Thermowood with a unique glow brings nature into an urban space. Battens and panels with versatile surface textures, grains, and round or butterfly-shaped knots create an organic feeling. Playing with different widths of the same profile, orientation, and edges allows one to create a timeless spatial experience with interesting rhythms.

Natural Scent

Interior Thermowood
Cafe Geometry of Taste by Natalia Reznik in Russia, 2019

Non-toxic and resin-free Lunawood Thermowood has the added value of providing an extra dimension indoors with its characteristic and subtle scent of wood. The Scent emerges in heat treatment from natural components of wood and has similarities with other products that combine heat and aroma, like coffee extracted from roasted coffee beans, smoked foods, whiskey, and cognac which are aged in flame-treated barrels.

Lunawood brings nature inside; in addition to its attractive appearance, the thermal modification of wood eliminates the risk of harmful emissions such as formaldehyde. This makes Lunawood pure, safe, and hygienic for indoor use, even for those consumers prone to wood-related reactions.

Sound – A Pleasant Soundspace

Interior Thermowood
Project Ö by Aleksi Hautamäki in Finland, 2001

Lunawood Thermowood walls, ceilings, floors, and other interior elements naturally soften noise by creating a soft, sound-breaking surface in the space. Echo is reduced on wooden surfaces, which reduces the noise level in the premises. The porous wood surface does not reflect sound in the same way as hard and artificial materials do

Lunawood Thermowood panels can be installed vertically and horizontally or even in a herringbone pattern, creating both visually dashing and acoustically functional surfaces.

Sauna And Spa

Interior Thermowood
Hotel Kaktus by Byko + Maria Gelpí in Spain, 2019

Lower thermal conductivity and improved stability of thermally modified wood make Lunawood an excellent product for hot and humid environments. Thermowood is one of the most used materials in saunas and it is excellent for spa interiors. Lunawood products allow longer service intervals even for public spas. Surface treatment with paraffine oil is always recommended for Lunawood Sauna materials to ensure the high and long-lasting hygiene level.

Wide Range Of Profiles

Interior Thermowood
Sample room in Lahti office

For interior surfaces, Lunawood offers three kinds of products:

  • Tongue-and grooved paneling with sharp or rounded edges
  • Planed around individual battens
  • 3D products to create eye-catching surfaces.

Premium Surface Finishing

The aesthetics of a Lunawood Thermowood can be enhanced with structured surfaces. Alongside Lunawood’s traditional smooth-surfaced and planed products, the fine sawn, fine roughened and brushed surfaces add the options of a more natural and vibrant feel for Lunawood Thermowood profiles.

An accurate, high-quality brushing process highlights the natural structure of wood. This adds more texture to the surface of the Lunawood Thermowood profiles. The brushed surface keeps the grain of the wood clearly visible and yields a more rustic outcome.

Easy Maintenance And Surface Treatment

Interior Thermowood
Air Base Hotel by Studio WG3 & ZT Geldner in Austria, photo © Mareiner Holz/Zettl-Photography

Lunawood Thermowood is an extremely sustainable material that keeps its color and does not necessarily require any maintenance. Most importantly, thanks to the resin-free feature, it does not secrete any resin through the paints or tints.

Lunawood has a uniform color throughout the profile. Even small dents and scratches are not visible, and the surface can be sanded if necessary leaving the product with its original shade.

For the surface treatment normal paints, wood oils, waxes, and varnishes can be used indoors. Paraffin oil is a good option to be used to emphasize the color of Thermowood and protect it from impurities. Linen oil may not be used.

A self-selected shade is also possible. In this case, it should be noted that the color patterns tinted to untreated wood do not correspond to the final color tone due to the specific characteristic brown tone of the Thermowood. It is recommendable to always test by painting on a Thermowood sample piece to choose the correct color.


Interior Thermowood
Kitzbühellodges by CP Architektur in Austria

  • Every Lunawood interior product has a hidden fixing option
  • Always use stainless steel fastenings when installing
  • Lunawood
  • Provide adequate support structure in accordance with local building regulations
  • Do not install lamps or other heavy objects directly to the product

Interior Thermowood
Private Apartment by DO Architects in Lithuania, 2018

Lunawood Thermowood is an outstanding interior material with unique haptic and technical features. It is a sustainable and safe choice for any decorative surface that can be used to create a harmonious aesthetic flow outside in and inside out using the same products.

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