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EnFold Facade Rainscreens: The Union | BŌK Modern
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EnFold Facade Rainscreens: The Union | BŌK Modern

  • Use

    Building vent coverage, moisture-resistant surface, drainage, air/water barrier, capillary break through screens, rainscreens with integrated sunshades, riveted panels, seamless façade, perimeter fence, gate shroud
  • Applications

    Residential – affordable housing, modular housing, exteriors
  • Characteristics

    Customizable finishes, materials, and patterns, lightweight, daylighting advantages, weather-proof, non-flammable, UV protection, guard railing protection, “unfinished” materials for organic look
  • Format

    Tab and slot full-height posts, planar fences, vertical and horizontal panels

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More about this product

Positioned along the first BART train stop in Oakland, this future-forward development is in the heart of a transient neighborhood, sculpted by historic placemaking. The Union, another signature project in collaboration with David Baker Architects, shows EnFold Façade, a sub-division of BŌK Modern's transformative approach to affordable housing through modular design. Designed in downtown Oakland, EnFold Façade’s scope spans over 4 perimeters of this mixed-use development. One of their most comprehensive projects to date, this project is an exemplar of their cohesive applications through multiple product systems.

Through EnFold Façade's longstanding partnership with David Baker Architects, this collaboration was marked by the ability to translate complex design visions into reality. The architect selected a transitional façade, where BŌK Modern’s EnFold Façade custom patterning applied across all products creates visual unity and beauty for the overall development. Whereas precedent affordable housing was simple and unnoticed, EnFold Façade’s transformation of this building transcends the vision of affordable housing futures across the Bay Area.

BŌK Modern’s product applications consisted of rainscreen façades with integrated sunshades, riveted panels, perimeter fencing with blade brackets, aluminum balconies, corten guardrails and stair guardrails, and gate shrouds – with a beauty shot entry experience of sharp fin-assemblies.

One particular challenge included the rainscreens having to be cantilevered off of the building due to building requirements; however, EnFold Façade managed to easily modify panels to the unique building conditions. With install now underway, the process was straight-forward, with balconies being installed on the ground and then raised on walls, and the sunshades (which have more irregular brackets), are unified by universal slots across three-panel types.

The cohesive BŌK metal systems create a seamless brand identity to all faces of this up-and-coming development. As a future entry portal for the city, BOK EnFold Façade rainscreens add unique visual depth: giving the facades an “honest” and true-to-essence materiality. BŌK Modern is committed to elevating fun and elegance across affordable housing projects even through cost limitations.

Product System Used

  • Rainscreen
    EnFold Façade’s patented rainscreen system is unique to the façade market. As a structurally-integrated metal panel system, rainscreens are non-flammable, solid-sheet metal, single skin panels, in contrary to composites. The panels can be solid, base-reliefs, or custom laser-cut to specifications in aluminum or weathering steel, and custom-formed through BŌK Modern’s EnFold Façade offerings of 3-dimensional configurations. Finishes include Kynar, powder coating, anodized aluminum, and rusted surface (Cor-ten) steel.
  • Balcony Guardrails
    Guardrails are unitized structural panels that require no additional posts. This BŌK Modern original product reinvented guardrails with laser-cut panels.
    Freestanding dividers can be mounted by utilizing a simple ‘stand’ blade brackets. Add gates with matching finishes and patterns to achieve a custom and continuous look to the system.
  • Fences
    Post-Free Fences that simplify architectural metal systems. In lieu of traditional posts, the integrated panels are upheld by self-supporting folds for lateral support. Made from a single sheet, this enhances material-use while reducing waste. The resulting structure is an elegant, minimal, continuum of modern panels. Where traditional fence systems require complex assembly and installation time, BŌK Modern is redefining historical approaches to fencing for sustainable, quick, and seamless solutions.
  • Stair Guardrails
    Stair guardrails are unitized structural panels that require no additional posts. These are custom-design to elevations through diverse finishes, materials, and patterning to unify spaces indoors and outdoors.

Product Details

Project The Union, To be completed 2020 (ongoing)
Designer David Baker Architects
Installation SDV Services, Inc.
Location Oakland, CA, US
Photography Garrett Rowland, BŌK Modern, Brennan King
Colour Various
Application and use in Construction Rainscreens, sunshades, balconies guardrails, stair guardrails, gates, fences
Format Universal horizontal and vertical panels, cantilevers of rainscreens (box-beam)
Type of Metal Corten, raw aluminum

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