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Minimal Envelop System – Rabel Envelop 3D | Rabel Aluminium Systems
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Minimal Envelop System – Rabel Envelop 3D | Rabel Aluminium Systems

  • Use

    Curtain walls, Spider glass, fixed panels, sliding panels, folding panels, pivot panels, pivot slide, panels, casement systems , doors systems, glass railings, shading devises and dry wall panels.
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, sliding shading, folding shading
  • Characteristics

    Redefines the way modern buildings are designed and build. A system platform combing twelves system categories.
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Rabel Aluminium Systems

More about this product

Rabel Envelop 3D from Rabel Systems is a building system that creates uninterrupted fully integrated kinetic facades comprised of fixed, sliding, bi-fold, hinged, curtainwall, spider and wall units within a slim structure. The change from one unit type to the next is seamless and does not require the addition of extra frames. All units follow a slim profile and are able to make large openings.

With Rabel Envelop 3D it is possible to create double/triple, thermal facade envelopes with integrated shading devices, railings, sliding/folding louvers etc, thus providing unique solutions for extreme sound insulation and very high thermal insulation.

Being a fully integrated multi typology system, Rabel Envelop 3D is a highly flexible system. It was created to provide a new approach in designing and erecting modern buildings so as to improve quality of fabrication, thermal performance and to reduce building time & cost. All building components including the walls come with a drainage system which avoids wall cracks and moisture leaks.

Technical Characteristics:

Post Width: 35 / 42 / 71 mm
Frame Height: 57 mm
Sash Height: 6500 mm
Glazing Width Possibilities: 32 - 59 mm
Thermal Break Width: 30 / 53 mm
Sealing Type: Gasket
Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw): 0.6-1.4 W/(m2K)

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Rabel Aluminium Systems

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Contact manufacturer

Rabel Aluminium Systems

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