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Display Case Lighting | Goppion
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Display Case Lighting | Goppion

  • Use

    Museum installations
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Lighting design for display cases, considers preventative conservation, low to zero emissions of UV an infrared waves, careful positioning for ideal display

More about this product

Goppion provides all the services around display cases and museum installations from design to development and building. Working closely with exhibit designers and curators, Goppion develops individual solutions using a collaborative approach.

Lighting is a crucial element in displays and its importance should not be underestimated; it determines how a visitor perceives, understands and interprets what they see.

Lighting, however, also comes with pitfalls; without proper care, understanding and attention, display lighting can compromise preventive conservation, causing damage by emitting ultraviolet or infrared radiation and by raising the temperature inside the display case.

Goppion uses a carefully calibrated approach to lighting in their display cases. Using fiber optics and LED lighting or a combination of both, they ensure an extremely low to zero level of ultraviolet and infrared emissions.

One step further, Goppion design also carefully considers the exact positioning of the lights within the case, keeping artifacts safe while highlighting them in the best possible light.

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