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Where to Increase Flexibility in Schools | Skyfold
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Where to Increase Flexibility in Schools | Skyfold

  • Use

    Interior operable walls
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Acoustics, flexibility, clean design, easy to use, no floor or wall tracks, lightweight, conserves floor space, low maintenance, retractable
  • Format

    Vertically folding

More about this product

Schools from primary to university need solutions to maximize their square footage without redesigning their floor plan and that can adapt to the demands of busy, multipurpose educational facilities. There are four key places where you can include Skyfold operable partitions to increase flexibility in schools:

  1. Flexibility Between Classrooms

    The modern classroom is often more than just a classroom. Classrooms are where students go to study, where they go to relax; they’re used for tutoring, social club meetings, parent-teacher meetings, open houses, staff events, and after-school programs.

    A Skyfold wall in between classrooms allows school staff to reconfigure their classrooms by subdividing or combining classrooms according to classroom size or to whatever the space is being used for at a given moment.

    Automated operable partitions that function with a simple keypad, like Skyfold, give teachers the ability to reconfigure their classrooms themselves, without the help of janitors, and within a matter of minutes.

    With acoustic ratings of up to 60 STC (Rw 59), Skyfold’s operable partitions in the down position act as a two-sided rigid wall and acoustic barrier between rooms, thereby creating a space where students can focus on lessons and personal work without distractions from the adjacent spaces.

  2. Create Ease of Movement & Maximize Square Footage

    Installing operable partitions in place of fixed walls shared with a hallway or atrium allows for the classroom to transform into a free-flowing open space as operable partitions open onto larger spaces in the school, which is ideal for open houses, fairs, fundraising events and more. Placing operable partitions adjacent to open spaces or communal spaces also allows for schools to maximize their square footage without having to renovate or expand their campus.

  3. Make the Operable Partition Multipurpose

    A white marker board finish transforms your operable partition into a writing surface to be used by teachers and students for an integrated and flexible learning environment. Select a markerboard finish for the whole wall or just a few rows of panels that are at arm’s height.

  4. Integrate Operable Partitions in the Gymnasium

    Gymnasiums are also taking on added functions within the school and the local community. Besides physical education, gyms are venues for team sports, final exams, extracurricular activities, assemblies, summer camps, natural disaster relief and polling stations.

    The ability to divide a gym with operable partitions means that the space can be used for a multiple of uses, at once. In turn, schools can then expand the space by retracting the operable partition to create one large space of sporting or community events.

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