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Choosing the Skyfold Wall for Your Space | Skyfold
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Choosing the Skyfold Wall for Your Space | Skyfold

  • Use

    Interior operable walls
  • Applications

    Hospitality, airports, function centers, corporate, education, hospitality, health, defense, retail, government buildings, theatres
  • Characteristics

    Acoustics, flexibility, clean design, easy to use, no floor or wall tracks, lightweight, conserves floor space, low maintenance, retractable
  • Format

    Vertically folding

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More about this product

Skyfold consists of 4 product lines that contain folding retractable walls with varying STC ratings (Rw):

  • Classic™
  • Zenith®
  • Zenith® Premium
  • Mirage®

The Classic™, Zenith® and Zenith® Premium are acoustic solid panel systems, whereas Mirage® is a glass acoustic operable wall.

Here’s a quick checklist to determine which Skyfold wall is the right solution for the space you’re designing.

  1. How Big is the Opening?

    All Skyfold products have unlimited length, but there are some height limitations to consider. For large openings with a height over 14 ft., the Classic™ Series or the Mirage® will be the right solution for your space. The vertical accordion-style of these two products allows for these solutions to fit into spaces with higher ceilings, with the Classic™ reaching up to 36 ft.

  2. How Much Floor Space Do You Have to Work With?

    You or your client may have chosen Skyfold because of its discreet and convenient ceiling storage pocket, which already liberates a lot of valuable floor space that would otherwise be occupied by storage closets for traditional operable walls. Nonetheless, a room’s layout can also help determine which Skyfold product is the right solution.

    In spaces with limited floor space—like offices, meeting rooms and classrooms—choose the Zenith® Series or the Zenith® Premium Series. The Zenith technology has a straight down deployment. This narrow path of travel allows for you to place furniture closer to the operable wall and still have enough room to operate it.

  3. Is Privacy a Priority?

    For spaces in which the client wants to ensure privacy and confidentiality, such as law firms and conference rooms, you’ll want an acoustic solid panel model with a high STC rating, but we’ll get to that soon.

    If privacy is not a main priority, the Mirage® is still an easy, efficient and modern way to sub-divide space while optimizing natural light. Plus, the Skyfold Mirage® has a 33 STC rating (Rw 33) for noise control between spaces.

  4. How Important is Noise Control and Acoustics?

    Now that you’ve determined which product is the right solution for your space, it’s time to choose the STC rating; in other words, it’s time to select the model. The model refers to the STC rating for the entire Skyfold system—not just the panels.

    STC ratings range from 33 to 60 (Rw 47-49) with NRC of up to 0.65.

    - Low to Moderate Importance on Acoustics: Mirage (33 STC), Zenith 48, Classic/Zenith/Zenith Premium 51

    - High Importance on Acoustics: Classic/Zenith/Zenith Premium 55, 60 or NRC (or a mix of NRC perforated panels and STC panels)

    Remember, Skyfold is meant to be just one element in an acoustically designed room. To ensure the best acoustic performance in a space, consider specifying additional acoustically rated products to work in conjunction with Skyfold.
  5. How Important is the Wall Finish?

    If you’re looking to put a custom or intricate finish on a Skyfold wall, you’ll have to stick with any acoustic solid panel solution other than Zenith® 48. Zenith® 48 is designed to be the most out of box Skyfold model; for this reason, only Skyfold’s standard finishes are available.

  6. What’s Your Budget?

    Each Skyfold wall is custom made; dimensions, finishes, STC rating, additional features all contribute to the cost of a Skyfold wall. If on a smaller budget, the Zenith® 48 is the out of box model as you can quickly choose a finish from the standard collection.

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