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Lunawood Thermowood Façade in Marasi Water Homes in Dubai | Lunawood
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Lunawood Thermowood Façade in Marasi Water Homes in Dubai | Lunawood

  • Use

    Exterior cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Weather endurance, dimensional stability, suitable for all climates, non-toxic, resin-free, thermal insulation

More about this product

In the heart of vibrant Dubai are the Marasi Water Homes – a luxury waterfront development with floating villas, the first of their kind in the Middle East. While designed in Dubai, the striking project was manufactured in Finland by Admares, then shipped to Dubai and towed into place with an overall project duration of just over 12 months. In the urban setting adorned by the shiny skyscrapers, the advantages of the natural Lunawood Thermowood are fully on display. Marasi Water Homes are designed by U+A which is an international multidisciplinary design practice founded in 2006.

Marasi Water Homes are built in the Business Bay Canal on floating pontoons which are anchored to the canal bed. Villas with two, three or four bedrooms are distinguished with luxury finish and modern design. The concept of the homes follows an open plan design where the openness and experience of the maritime atmosphere is made the key element. By sliding the glass doors open, the interior space expands onto a large deck with its own swimming pool.

Lunawood Thermowood | Marasi Water Homes

For the architects it was important to choose materials that spoke the same language as the architecture and its surroundings. Not only is wood durable and cost-efficient, it possesses the unique ability to store and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, making it particularly beneficial for the environment. Coupled with the prefabrication process and tight schedule, it was a requirement that all external finishes were eco-friendly, heat resistant and easy to install. Lunawood Thermowood fit this description perfectly.

According to the architects, the structural stability, quality and resistance to humidity are all very important factors when selecting wooden materials for Dubai’s hot climate. In addition, the unique texture and color of Lunawood Thermowood makes it an excellent choice for architects in the region.

Lunawood Thermowood | Marasi Water Homes

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