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Basin - Monolith | The Splash Lab

  • Use

    Bathroom sinks
  • Applications

    Public, hospitality, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Modular, eco-friendly, clean aesthetic, easy specification, simple-installation, 'one trade' installation, hand-crafted, made in the USA
  • Certification

  • Guarantee

    10-year warranty

More about this product

The Splash Lab designs and produces commercial washroom products and modular bathroom systems that have a positive impact on the lives of people and the planet.

The Monolith Basin System is a one-piece sink regardless of the configuration it is specified in; this could be: a standard size, a simple custom length, or several incorporated modules. For extremely large units, onsite joining can take place to create a completely seamless look.

Each Monolith basin is created to specification in the USA. Using a combination of CNC machined precision-cut pieces and hand-finishing, The Splash Lab's skilled craftsmen trim, assemble, shape by hand, and sign off each System before it leaves the factory. Easy to install and simple to maintain, the Monolith system is made exclusively from Corian and steel.


  • Fast installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Timber-free
  • Large color choice
  • Award-winning
  • Compliant drainage
  • Original Design

Monolith Basin Systems are infinitely configurable. The flexibility of the solid-surface material thanks to its ability to be seamlessly jointed lends itself to the modular unit approach. From a single-user basin through to L-shaped basins with coved corners, bin chutes, and more.


  • Monolith Divider
  • Monolith Divider with Bin Chute
  • Monolith Splashback
  • Monolith Coved edges + Corners
  • Monolith Leg
  • Monolith Features
  • Monolith Signage + Branding TSL
  • Monolith doors + panels

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