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Click-on Battens in Veterinary Hospital | Sculptform
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Click-on Battens in Veterinary Hospital | Sculptform

  • Use

    Exterior cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Highly customizable, concealed fixings, custom spacing, fast installation
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Wallan Veterinary Hospital has a facade made of click-on battens from Sculptform which were installed by a simple push-click method onto concealed mounting tracks. The timber battens give the hospital structure a strong identity, showing a design flair that provides the business with a memorable feature. Open 24 hours, in the evening, the light from inside emits a warm glow through the screening creating a recognizable silhouette further emphasizing the sense of identity created by the facade.

Design Challenges

Incorporating the unique requirements of a location is often an issue for architects, the challenge, in this case, was the residential area. It was important not to disrupt the suburban surroundings. The team at Crosshatch rose to the challenge by using a minimalist footprint and simple shape to the building itself to prevent the structure from obtruding in its environment. The choice of timber cladding went a long way towards softening the building's presence. The sloping of the block was another hurdle to overcome, so the architects raised the building on a recessive masonry base which also solved any issues related to flooding.

A Feature Facade

By using timber battens as an outer shell around the building's windows, the architects managed to provide shading which still allows in huge amounts of natural light. Integrated doors are seamlessly incorporated, providing access without disrupting the overall design.

Sculptform’s Click-on Batten system was used to create the amazing batten screening feature which spans three sides of the structure. Using Spotted Gum battens, the timber screening gives the entire building an understated yet intriguing aesthetic. The battens create a fascinating effect as you approach the building; the form goes from a seemingly solid timber box to being almost transparent. As you move around the building the level of transparency changes creating an interactive element.

Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Species Spotted Gum
Profile 42x42mm Block
Spacing 32mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing No

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