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Clay Wall Brick in Louise Michel School | Terreal
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Clay Wall Brick in Louise Michel School | Terreal

  • Use

    Brick construction, façade, wall brick
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Durable, natural material, hand-molded, environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, wide range of colors
  • Sizes

    40 x 10,5 x 5 cm

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More about this product

The Louise Michel school in Aussonne, France, is the perfect expression of the marriage between aesthetics and technology. 187 m² of latticework brick screens have been erected here: a challenge taken up by the Damon and Sagnes architectural firms working closely with the Terreal teams who shared their knowledge and experience throughout the project, from the first drawings to the design of the metal frame needed to make the wall solid. Terreal long length clay brick in pearl grey was used; the street-facing openwork façades filter the rays of the sun and cast a checkerboard of light over the ground inside that changes over the course of the day.

Terreal Terracotta Wall Bricks

Terracotta has been expressed superbly on all the façades of the three buildings that make up the complex. The architects chose to use long bricks to emphasize the horizontality and perspective, and black mortar recessed to accentuate the three-dimensional nature and the material itself. The terracotta bricks were installed using the double wall technique to guarantee perfect heat retention and exceptional temperature control, which 380 pupils from nursery to primary level will be able to enjoy this year.

Why Terreal Terracotta Clay Brick?

Terracotta is so durable that it has become one of the first materials that architects recommended! It’s a traditional material that really belongs in contemporary architecture, especially as terracotta companies are extremely innovative and are bringing out more and more products, colors, sizes, etc. For this project, and particularly the design of the latticework screens, Terreal worked hand in hand with the architects. Terreal adapts its products for each project.

Project Data

Project name Louise Michel school
Location Aussonne, FR
Architect Agence Danièle DAMON Architecte
Client Aussonne town hall

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