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Rendering Commercial Exteriors | Lumion
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Rendering Commercial Exteriors | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization
  • Applications

    Images, videos and 360 panoramas
  • Characteristics

    Fast rendering speeds, compatibility with most design software, photorealistic and conceptual results, large objects and materials library, enables quick updates to clients by sending them a link through email, no training is needed.

More about this product

For showcasing commercial building designs such as hospitals, schools, museums, office buildings and more; Lumion 3D rendering software can help you bring designs to life and communicate your vision in a comprehensive, clear manner. With the help of Lumion, you can rest assured that clients will understand exactly how you envision the building after it’s built without having to rely on 2D sketches and rudimentary 3D models to express the value of your designs.

Lumion 3D Rendering Software
Commercial Building at Night, rendered in Lumion 9 by Gui Felix.

If you have a 3D model of a commercial building design, you can import the model into Lumion and start building a realistic or conceptual environment surrounding it. With interior and exterior models and textures from the Lumion content and materials library, as well as several tools to help shape the environment exactly as you want it, Lumion can help show your design in any setting. Forests, waterfront, urban, rural — showing your design in any context is a simple and streamlined task.

Lumion 3D Rendering Software
Office in the Rain, rendered in Lumion 9 by Gui Felix.


After building a scene, Lumion comes with an array of image, video and 360 panorama effects, making it easy to demonstrate the deeper beauty of your design and show your project in a compelling, unique way.

  • Skies
    ​Real Skies​ and ​Sky Light 2​ give your design a breathtaking sky with accurate daylight simulation
  • Shadows
    To help make the building pop
  • Reflections
    Ensure that glass windows and facades accurately reflect their surroundings for even greater realism

Lumion 3D Rendering Software
Rendered in Lumion 9 by FengchaoDesign Wuzhou

Even without 3D rendering experience, Lumion makes it straightforward and efficient to visualize commercial designs and create engaging images, videos, and 360 panoramas. No matter how you want to show your building, you’ll find that Lumion has the tools, effects, and intuitive user interface to help you get the job done.

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