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How to Render Landscape Architecture | Lumion
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How to Render Landscape Architecture | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas
  • Characteristics

    Fast rendering speeds, compatibility with most design software, real-time rendering, photorealistic and conceptual effects, large objects and materials library, fits within any workflow or practice, simple user experience, no training is needed
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More about this product

Landscape architecture is used in a diverse range of project subject areas. This includes applications such as city parks, residential neighbourhoods and university and corporate campuses. With this said, projects within this field all share a common aspect, that they are full of life with uniquely designed vegetation that thrives in its space. This life is found within the movement of the vegetation, the natural light found at different times of the day, and the way the seasons change the mood of the environment.

Lumion | Landscape Architecture | Model provided by Beehive & King Crab.

Model provided by Beehive & King Crab.

Features to help render landscape architecture

Lumion 11 is a tool designed to easily and quickly bring computerised designs to life. Lumion easily fits within any practice or firm size, creating a uniquely satisfying workflow and making it easy to create beautiful renders, from the very first design ideation stages to the final presentation. Some features offered from Lumion 11 includes: OpenStreetMap satellite maps, fine-detail nature models, improved grass lighting, and a metallic car shader.

  • OSM satellite maps - Render an entire real-life city. The elevations of its terrain. And all the minor details that make up the landscape around it. The OpenStreetMaps feature takes another leap forward in Lumion 11 Pro to include beautifully detailed satellite maps. OSM satellite maps offers real-world terrain, farmland, rivers and more from all over the world. You simply have to download the OpenStreetMap for your building location.

    Lumion | Landscape Architecture |

  • Landscapes and grasses - Lumion 11 offers an improved grass technology to create enhanced sensory experiences that feel more connected to the physical landscape. These ready-to-use grass materials are available from the Lumion library, also including customizable 3D grass and landscape grass.

    Lumion | Landscape Architecture |

  • Richly detailed nature and vegetation - Going beyond the usual renders that intend to only convey some form of plant life, Lumion 11's content library offers a large variety of vegetation, allowing you to create a scene that is richly detailed with specifically chosen nature and vegetation. The result is a unique environment that conveys the projects real-life setting.

    Lumion | Landscape Architecture |

    In total, the Lumion 11 Pro content library contains 6,224 models, including thousands of nature items that range from conifers and palms to flowers, plants, grasses, leafless trees, pieces of forest wood, and more. The content library also includes animated and static 3D men, women, children, and pets, as well as outdoor furniture, cars and transport models, lighting objects, volumetric fire, and other models to easily build urban and rural contexts.

  • Real-time rendering with LiveSync - Lumion LiveSync allows a seamless flow between developing the detailed renders of your landscape architecture projects, and working in and updating your models in CAD or 3D modeling software. LiveSync works with all leading CAD programs including: SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, and BricsCAD.

    Lumion | Landscape Architecture |
    Model design by Pixel-Head Studio.

    With the help of LiveSync for your landscape or urban projects, it’s possible to get a feeling of your work-in-progress model immersed in materials that feel real, cast with photorealistic lighting and lifelike shadows, and conveyed in a realistic setting.

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