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Retractable Roof System in Union Restaurant | Libart
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Retractable Roof System in Union Restaurant | Libart

  • Use

  • Applications

    Retractable roof
  • Characteristics

    Insulated and reflective glass 6mm tempered + 12mm + (4+4)mm laminated.
  • Sizes

    10m x 22m x h: 6.7m

More about this product

Located in Minneapolis, USA, the Union Restaurant is located on the roof-top of a historic building in the heart of downtown. The restaurant provides a unique dining experience that is able to respond to the changing elements and provide the highest level of comfort to its patrons. The restaurant features an automated retractable roof that can be fully open in warm weather and fully closed in the cold or at night. The thin structural profile and large expanses of glass ensure that in both positions, the roof allows diners to take full advantage of the city views.


LibartUSA worked in close collaboration with the designers, Shea Design to engineer the best system for this application. The accordion-like structure is free-standing and comprised of 12 panels. The roof is operated at the touch of a button and is able to fully open or close in under 5 minutes.


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