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Fireplaces - Bathyscafocus | Focus
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Fireplaces - Bathyscafocus | Focus

  • Use

    Wood-burning interior/exterior fireplace
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Recyclable, energy efficient, easy installation, easy maintenance, exceptional heat output, adaption parts made to measure
  • Format

    Suspended/fixed, pivoting
  • Colors

    Matt black, white

More about this product

Focus fireplaces are made in France and a number of them are highly energy-efficient. Bathyscafocus is a central, suspended, rotating fireplace that comes in three different versions:

  • Bathyscafocus
    • Can be suspended so that it pivots, or can be fixed on a base
    • Flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
    • Paint: matt black (standard) or white
  • Bathyscafocus Hublot
    • Similar to Bathyscafocus but with a closed hearth

  • Bathyscafocus Outdoor
    • For exteriors
    • Finishes: rust, or black anti-corrosion paint

Wood Fires

Heating by burning wood is, along with solar heating, among the least polluting for the planet. Wood is a renewable energy source because it can be replenished relatively rapidly, especially in contrast to fossil fuels. All the wood-burning models have undergone extensive testing in European testing laboratories to provide real performance indicators (nominal heat output, efficiency, level of CO, etc.) for each model. Fireplaces that have a thermal efficiency equal to or more than 70% may be eligible for a tax credit in certain countries.

Interior Specifications

Bathyscafocus Bathyscafocus Hublot
Nominal heat output 5,5 KW 4 - 9 KW
Efficiency 59,4 % 79,7 %
CO output 0,26 % 0,10 %
Dust 34 MG/M3

Ecology and Environment

Focus is a member of the Union of Renewable Energy (SER: Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables).

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