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Wood Veneered Wall & Ceiling Panels | Gustafs

  • Available in

  • Use

    Interior acoustic cladding
  • Applications

    Commercial, cultural, hospitality, residential
  • Characteristics

    Acoustic properties, non-flammable, sustainable, > 50-years expected lifetime, formaldehyde free
  • Certification

    Reaction to Fire A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1), Resistance to Fire K1-10/K2-10 (EN 13501-2), TVOC Approved emissions (EN ISO 16000-9), Formaldehyde Approved emissions (EN 717-1), Certified Wood FSC available, Certificate Code: SCS-COC-005137

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More about this product

Wooden panels for walls and ceilings covered in natural wood is a challenge involving craftsmanship and experience. Most of Gustafs products are based on a fiber gypsum board which has very good properties regarding both fire safety and acoustics. The acoustic wood panel is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which in turn maintains the panels’ linearity over time. This unique combination contributes to a wall cladding panel suited for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations.


  • Fire
    The high-density nonflammable core and the surface veneer’s strongly bound adhesion to the fiber gypsum board make the panels 'non-flammable'
  • Acoustics
    Acoustically, the use of innately heavy wall cladding is often favorable compared to lighter materials. Gustafs panels weight of 15 kg/m² is roughly twice as heavy as most wood-based panel materials.
  • Integrated System
    Gustafs Panel System provides fully integrated and concealed installation fixtures called Gustafs Capax. The installation is quick, reliable and cost-saving.
  • Stability
    Wood-based panels will show bulging or shrinkage when humidity and temperature change. A fiber gypsum board is considerably less susceptible to these effects. Over time this will result in a planer and a more linear surface.
  • Sustainability
    Using a fiber gypsum core naturally results in extremely low emissions and a very high rate of recycled content. The panels are produced with renewable power sources.

Surface design

  • Veneer
    Wood has a natural variation in structure and color tone which ages in harmony with nature.
  • Pigmented Veneer
    A pigment can be used to change the color tone of the wood veneer. A three-stage scale of white pigment for wood veneers is available.
  • Stained Veneer
    You can stain the wood veneer to achieve different effects on your wall or ceiling.
  • Painted Veneer
    Among the many advantages of a Gustafs wooden panel is its plane and even surface which enables a painted surface finish that maintains the wooden texture of the surface. Surfaces in a multitude of colors can be specified in accordance with for example NCS or RAL codes up to a gloss rate up to 50.
  • Painted in Solid Colours
    An alternative to wood veneer and laminate panels is to paint directly on the panel. The even surface enables painted surface finish which otherwise is extremely difficult to achieve on-site.
  • Laminate
    An alternative to wood is laminate cladding panels for walls and ceilings. Different surfaces create different expressions. On top of Gustafs smooth, flat panel core the laminate coating achieves an overall impression that can hardly be achieved with a surface treated on site. Laminate panels achieve fire classification B-s1,d0.


Core Reinforced fiber gypsum board, high density, 1150 kg/m³ (15,7 kg/m²)
Edges Over veneered solid wooden edges on 4 sides
Installation system Gustafs Capax, aluminum profiles gripping the full length of the sides of the panels, leveling and aligning the panels.
Edge design

Grooved for use the Capax installation system

Recycled Material 17% Post Consumer


  • Thickness: 13,2 mm
  • Dimensions Wall Standard:
    • 600x600 / 1200x600 / 1500x600 / 1800x600 / 2400x600 mm
  • Customized wall:
    • lengths 300-3000 x widths 300-1200 mm
  • Dimensions Ceiling Standard:
    • 600x600 / 1200x600 / 1500x600 / 1800x600 / 2400x600 mm
  • Customized ceiling:
    • lengths 300-3000 x widths 300-600 in 50 mm intervals


To aid design, CAD/BIM Downloads are available for cladding materials

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