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FabriPRINT™ Custom Printed Acoustical Art | FabriTRAK®
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FabriPRINT™ Custom Printed Acoustical Art | FabriTRAK®

  • Available in

  • Use

    Interior wall & ceiling finish
  • Applications

    Professional spaces, Restaurants, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment venues, Sports arenas, Residential, Cultural spaces, Houses of Worship
  • Characteristics

    Custom artwork on fabrics
  • Sizes

    Up to 16' wide fabric

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More about this product

FabriPRINT™ by FabriTRAK Systems Inc. is a unique product that effectively combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming an acoustic wall or acoustic ceiling into a work of art, and artworks into a beautiful sound solution. FabriPRINT™ is available in both FabriART™ and FabriPATTERN™ solutions.

FabriART™: Acoustic Art

FabriART™ is a unique art installation – whereby art is printed on fabric. FabriART™ allows the artist to translate any creative image into an acoustical art panel for an interior space. FabriART™ enables the interior designer to achieve maximum creativity in creating a sense of space and incorporate images into interiors while considering sound and noise control. FabriART™ provides the client with a sound space that shows off their style, whether incorporating a company logo, commissioned art piece or personal photography on a wall or ceiling.

FabriPATTERN™: Attractive Sound Management

FabriPATTERN™ incorporates a repeated image printed on fabric and installed to achieve a continuous look in a space. Patterns give space not only a sense of consistency but also a sense of unity. Designers will use a repeating pattern to create a cohesive feel on walls and ceilings to define a space. FabriPATTERN™ helps delineate specific spaces, such as corporate work zones, dining areas in restaurants, or meeting places in public areas.

With limitless design opportunities, including classic and contemporary art, photography, corporate and sports team logos, commissioned projects or repeated patterns, FabriPRINT™ provides the perfect solution to acoustic problems. FabriPRINT™ is currently available on a variety of FabriTRAK's FabriSPAN® fabrics for either FabriART™ or FabriPATTERN™ projects. FabriPRINT™ may be applied to curved or straight walls and ceilings. When using FabriPRINT™ with the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® system, incorporating the trak and infill, an artistic statement is made while meeting the highest ratings of acoustics.

For more information about the fabric choices, or information regarding acoustical and fire testing, visit FabriTRAK's website.

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