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Ceiling Panels - Cube | ASI Architectural
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Ceiling Panels - Cube | ASI Architectural

  • Use

    Interior ceilings
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, impact resistant, rigid, various finish options, 100% accessibility
  • Format

    Open-cell, pre-assembled ceiling
  • Sizes

    2′ x 2′ or 4′ x 4′ (nominal) flush or tegular lay-in panels
  • Certification

    Fire Rating: Class A, may contribute to LEED® credits

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ASI Architectural

More about this product

Cube ceiling panels from ASI Architectural are pre-assembled, open-cell type ceiling system used to conceal the sprinklers, ducts, lights, and raceways without obstructing their functions through the open louver design, with 100% accessibility. The Cube ceiling system is recommended for irregularly-shaped ceiling areas that have radiused or angled perimeters.

Mounting: Monolithic suspension system or 15/16″ HD T-Bar ceiling grid

Styles and Sizing

Cube ceiling panels can be Monolithic or Tegular (with simple drop-in installation). Cube features on-center cell sizes of 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, or 12″ to fit any design or application. Solid wood blade widths of 3/8″ or 3/4″ are available, with a 2″ blade height.

Cube Monolithic

Monolithic | Cube | ASI Architectural

  • 100% accessibility
  • Monolithic appearance eliminates cost and labor of installing T-bar grid
  • Field cut to fit the installation

Cube Tegular Lay In

Tegular Lay In | Cube | ASI Architectural

  • Requires full panel sizes in cloud applications
  • Vertical trim conceals grid in cloud applications
  • Wall to wall installations can be field cut to fit irregular installations

Matching adhesive veneer strips are available for facing T-Bar grid (in the field)

ASI Architectural Wood Finishes

  • Clear lacquer top coat
  • Class-A varnish
  • Stained to match

Finishes | ASI Architectural

Contact manufacturer

ASI Architectural

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

ASI Architectural

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