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Interna-Rail® Aluminum Railing | Hollaender
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Interna-Rail® Aluminum Railing | Hollaender

  • Use

    Handrails, guardrails, balconies
  • Applications

    Multifamily residential, industrial, hospitality, educational, institutional, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, durable, uninterrupted infill panel railing, non-corrosive, ideal in commercial projects
  • Sizes

    Height of top rail above walking surface: 42"
  • Certification

    Meets IBC and ADA codes, U.S. International Building Code 2009/2012/2015/2018 standards specific to guardrails, handrails and infill panel materials including glass

More about this product

Hollaender Manufacturing Company produces a wide array of architectural railing systems. These hand and guard railing systems can be designed to fit individual projects by engineers at Hollaender.

Interna-Rail® aluminum handrail systems are easy to install thanks to In-line fittings, strong and durable. They feature an offset panel attachment which allows an uninterrupted infill panel railing system.


  • In-line fittings enable easy installation
  • Smooth architectural appearance
  • Fitting-based system allows some reconfiguration options on-site
  • Shipped in pre-fabricated sections of 10 – 24 feet
  • Easily installed by non-specialized labor
  • Extremely non-corrosive and low maintenance when compared to steel handrails

Structural Performance

Uniform load Concentrated load
Handrails 50 lbf/ft. applied in any direction 200 lbf. applied in any direction
Top Rails of Guards 50 lbf/ft. applied in any direction 200 lbf. applied in any direction
Infill Area of Guards Horizontal concentrated load of 50 lbf. applied to 1 sq. ft. at any point in the system, including panels, intermediate rails, balusters, or other elements composing infill area

*Uniform and concentrated loads need not be assumed to act concurrently

Maple Dale Elementary School | Interna Rail | Hollaender

Materials and Finishes

Posts Aluminum 6005-T5, 1 ½" IPS (48.2 mm O.D.) Schedule 80 Wall (clear anodized)
Rails Aluminum 6063-T6, 1 ½" IPS (48.2 mm O.D.) Schedule 40 Wall (clear anodized)
Fittings Aluminum 6063-T6 (clear anodized)
Base Flanges Cast aluminum
Fasteners Stainless steel 304 alloy

Infills are available in a variety of materials:

  • Tempered glass, either monolithic or laminated
  • Resin panels in both PETG and acrylic
  • Mesh metal panels, perforated or a more exotic pattern in a choice of materials from aluminum to e-coated steel to stainless steel.

Finishes come in a range of patterns, colors and textures. Aluminum systems can be anodized with clear and bronze options, or powder-coated in almost any color; Steel infill panels are produced in the same wide array of colors, but are first e-coated to protect against corrosion. Panels can also be supplied in a bright dip.

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