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Series 670 Hinged Window - Classic Line | Western Window Systems
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Series 670 Hinged Window - Classic Line | Western Window Systems

  • Use

    External windows
  • Applications

    Window systems for residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Features for improved energy performance, low-maintenance, can be matched to other products from the same company, customizable options, sloped sill for drainage
  • Sizes

    WIDTH: 16”- 42” | HEIGHT: 16” - 120”
  • Certification


More about this product

Western Window Systems Series 670 hinged window line includes a choice of style, size and extra features making it adaptable to every project. The Series 670 window line features a clean design and can be matched and integrated with any Western Window Systems hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed window walls.


  • Integration
    With a 4.5” frame depth which can be directly mulled to most of Western Window Systems’ product lines
  • Sloped Sill
    For improved water drainage
  • Thermally Broken Aluminum
    The aluminum acts as an insulating barrier to increase energy performance and is low-maintenance
  • Designed and Tested for Durability
    Manufactured in the U.S., products are tested for air, water, and structural performance and certified by the NFRC and AAMA.
  • Climate Ready Glass
    Dual-paned low-E glass helps to improve energy performance. The glass can be customized by choosing the type, color, and thicknesses for privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency.
  • Customization
    For customized windows, begin by choosing Series 670 in casement, push-out casement, awning, or hopper styles. From there, a range of options is available to further customize the hinged windows.


  • Hinges on the side
  • Swings outward either left or right
  • Provides ventilation
  • Butt hinges and a roto operator aid opening and closing
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • Fasteners in stainless steel
  • concealed, multi-point locking system

Casement Options

  • Screening
    Series 670 screens are designed to provide protection from outside pests while complementing the hinged window line's clean, contemporary style. Manufactured from extruded aluminum for durability, they employ an easy-to-use concealed ball catch system. Screen frames are finished to match the window’s frame color. For casements, which swing out, screens are mounted to the interior.
  • Window Heads
    Western Window Systems offers a raked head window shape option for the Series 670 Casement.
  • Sizes
    The Series 670 Casement is available in widths from 16”- 42” and heights from 16” - 120”.

Push-out Casement

The Series 670 Push-Out Casement combines the traditional appeal of a push-out window with modern efficiencies. It opens easily with the turn of the handle and a light push. Thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned low-E glass keeps the Series 670 Push-Out Casement energy-efficient. A sloped sill improves water performance.

  • Operation
    Opens easily with the turn of the handle and a light push. Stainless steel four-bar hinges with an adjustable tensioning device keep the sash in place when open. Screening not available.
  • Locking System
    Push-Out Casement features durable locking handles.
  • Sizes
    Available in widths from 16” to 36” and heights from 16” to 72”.

Casement Awning

The Series 670 Awning hinges on the top, opens outwards and is typically wider than it is tall. Ideal for providing natural light and ventilation to small areas, it saves space by opening out from the bottom. Thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned low-E glass keeps the Series 670 Awning energy-efficient. A sloped sill improves water performance.

  • Operation
    For performance and control the Series 670 Awning employs a double scissor-arm operator.
  • Sizes
    Widths from 21” to 60” and heights from 16” to 48”.

Push-Out Style

The Series 670 Awning is available in a push-out style with cam lever handles.

  • Hidden Locking System
  • Motorized Operators

Casement Hopper

The Series 670 Hopper hinges on the bottom and opens from the top. Hopper windows are the perfect solution in places where there is limited space for a window to extend to the outside. When used in basements, it helps prevent leaves, dust, and other debris from blowing inside while still providing ventilation.

  • Locking System
    A pawl handle or ring pull.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware
    Depending on size and placement, a pawl handle or ring-pull latch with an extension pole is available. Interior hardware is brushed nickel.
  • Sizes
    Available in widths from 16” to 60” and heights from 16” to 48”.

Aluminum finishes

  • In-Stock Finishes with a Class 1 coating thickness for smoothness and durability
    • Satin Anodized
    • Dark Bronze
  • Designer Finishes based on popular choices conform to a minimum rating of AAMA- 2605
    • Hillside Bronze
    • Bison Beige
    • Navajo White
    • Briar
    • Stonish Beige
    • Autumn Night
    • Warmtone
    • Cinnamon Toast
    • Western White

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