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How to Choose a Swisspearl Cladding Panel Finish | Swisspearl
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How to Choose a Swisspearl Cladding Panel Finish | Swisspearl

  • Use

    Interior and Exterior cladding
  • Applications

    Residential, corporate, commercial, educational and public buildings
  • Characteristics

    Swisspearl Largo fiber cement panels, made from regenerative raw materials, colored with transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish, rot-resistant, incombustible
  • Format

    Arbitrary panel size up to a maximum size of 3050 x 1250mm, thickness 8mm and 12mm
  • Sizes

    Up to 3050 x 1250 | Thickness: 8mm, 12mm
  • Guarantee

    20 years

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More about this product

Swisspearl Largo fiber cement panels are made from a blend of cement, wood pulp, reinforcing fibers and water which are processed and colored to form the cladding panels. The fiber-cement material has a delicate surface texture with a natural appearance and surface feel and a carefully matched full-body color.

The panels are available in a range of options for facades, choices can be made in several categories:

  • Surface options
  • Joints and fastenings
  • Panel size formats
  • Colors

Swisspearl Carat

Carat Coral 7031 | Swisspearl Finish

Tagline Unique natural look
Base panel Integrally colored
Top layer Translucent lightly pigmented
Standard colors 25

Carat panels are integrally colored with a transparent lightly pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. The line is designed to have a natural look to the monolithic material with a delicate vein texture.

  • Carat HR is a special surface treatment that offers increased scratch resistance and higher UV resistance. Furthermore, most graffiti can be removed using acetone. Generally, the aspect resembles the Carat finish, whereas Carat HR panels have a slight sheen to the surface. Both can be used on the same elevation.
  • Carat F provides a slightly unsmooth surface, the thicker coating with opaque pigmentation of this acrylic finish allows vibrant colors. It also provides increased protection against weathering and UV radiation. Available on request in all standard Carat colors and as custom shades.

Swisspearl Avera

Avera 060 | Swisspearl Finish

Tagline Vibrant texture never seen before
Base panel Integrally colored
Top layer Translucent
Standard colors 9

Avera are solid-colored fiber cement panels with a vibrant texture. The look is characterized by the specifically coordinated dynamic manufacturing process. The resulting natural variation in color tonality and perspective even between the panels emphasizes the natural look of the material. A high-quality invisible coating provides the Avera panels with years of protection from weather effects and lets the original look and texture shine through. The special coating also shows strong scratch resistance and offers lasting defense against most graffiti.

Swisspearl Reflex

Reflex Gold | Swisspearl Finish

Tagline Changing lighting and angles of vision
Base panel Integrally colored
Top layer Iridescent
Standard colors 12

These panels are directional, mostly integrally colored and have an iridescent surface coating which is purely acrylic. Changing the lighting and angles of vision produce nuances in color shades.

Swisspearl Nobilis

Nobilis Green 515 | Swisspearl Finish

Tagline Classic fiber cement appeal
Base panel Grey
Top layer Translucent lightly pigmented
Standard colors 13

The semi-translucent surface coating on a pure acrylic basis provides the classic fiber cement appeal with visual depth. HR-coating is available in Nobilis colors.

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