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Thermowood Facades | Lunawood
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Thermowood Facades | Lunawood

  • Use

  • Applications

    Recommended for outdoor applications like façade and decking
  • Characteristics

    Weather endurance, dimensional stability, suitable for all climates, non-toxic, resin-free, thermal insulation
  • Sizes

    19x92, 19x117, 19x140, 20x140, 20x142, 21x118, 21x142 , 26x142, 32x140, L-profile 43x43
  • Certification

    PEFC certification label, TMT certification label (The International ThermoWood Association), CE mark, International KOMO certification, BRE label (Building Research Establishment Limited)

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More about this product

Thermowood is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced using natural methods; heat and steam. It is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and non-toxic. Lunawood produces Thermowood from Scandinavian PEFC-certified pine and spruce from Finland. It can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate. Lunawood is an eco-friendly natural product that is easy to machine and install.

Lunawood - Thermowood Facade

Lunawood Thermowood facade is an ecological and chemical-free solution for exterior claddings and facades. The product range provides wide cladding boards produced with glue lamination technology. Thermowood allows Scandinavian softwood to be successfully used in hot and humid weather conditions. The exterior claddings are resin-free and resistant to decay.

The D in LunaThermo-D stands for durability. Along with appearance, biological durability is a key property in the end-use applications of products in this treatment class. The tangential swelling and shrinkage due to moisture are low. Thanks to the natural thermal modification process and gluing, Lunawood can produce 210mm wide, sound knotted, durable cladding boards with outstanding dimensional stability.

Due to the high temperature of Thermowood treatment process, resin is removed from the wood. This ensures high visual quality for both uncoated and coated LunaThermo-D claddings. The color of the wood is affected by the treatment temperature and time – the higher the temperature the darker the appearance. As with all softwoods, variances occur and are due to varying densities. When the product is exposed to UV-light, it will turn beautiful silver grey unless protected by a pigmented surface protection.


Average tangential swelling and shrinkage 5-6%
EN 113 standard classification Durable (class 2)

Factory-painted UTV 20x142 exterior cladding also available

Expected service life 30 years

Uncoated LunaThermo-D exterior cladding can provide a 30-year desired service life. This fact is based on a number of conditions including the quality of the workmanship at the time of installation and the exposure of the cladding to the weather including location, elevation, and design. If coated over, the life of the product, LunaThermo-D will have an even longer service life – providing that the coating is maintained in-line with the coating manufacturer recommendations over the service life of the product.

Visit Lunawood's BIM library to download BIM families.

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