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GreenScreen® Nature™ / Revive™ / Evolve™ | Draper
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GreenScreen® Nature™ / Revive™ / Evolve™ | Draper

  • Use

    Solar Shading
  • Applications

    Corporate, Retail, Educational and Residential
  • Characteristics

    Manufactured in the USA, 100% recyclable, zero-waste production, lightweight, 100% PVC-free, Revive contains up to 89% REPREVE® fibers and Revolve contains up to 78% REPREVE® fibers.
  • Certification

    GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Revive is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified, Evolve is Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certified, Fire Classification (NFPA 701-10 TM#1, California U.S. Title 19 and CAN/ULC-S109-03 Small Flame Test) and Fungal Resistance (ASTM G21)

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More about this product

Draper's GreenScreen® Nature™, Revive™ and Evolve™ Window Shade Fabrics can be used with all Draper FlexShade® products. They use Mermet technology containing 89% REPREVE® fibers and are made of a 100% recyclable, 100% PVC-free polyester. The recycled content within the fibers used to make the shade fabric is derived from post-industrial plastic waste and post-consumer repurposed water bottles. Each yard of GreenScreen® Nature™, Revive™ and Evolve™ fabric by Mermet contains up to 11 post-consumer water bottles.

Window treatments that facilitate solar control by reducing solar heat gain are an integral solution for sustainable architecture. The daylighting strategy of a green building is made easy with custom shading which can both provide glare control shading and let in natural light.

GreenScreen® Nature™

The new GreenScreen® Nature™ is a sustainable shade fabric. It is unique with its lightweight construction of 100% natural fiberglass material that provides resistance to flames, smoke emissions, and dimensional stability. The fiberglass mock-leno weave is 100% recyclable, PVC-free, and halogen-free. GreenScreen® Nature™ also reflects up to 61% of all solar energy.

GreenScreen® Evolve™

GreenScreen® Evolve™ designer shade fabrics bring elegance, sustainability, and control to every facet of a façade. GreenScreen® Evolve™ is a 100%, non-pvc warp knit polyester shade fabric that contains a minimum of 78% Repreve® fibers made from 100% recycled post-industrial fiber and consumer plastic waste. The fabric is Cradle to Cradle Certified–Bronze and uses up to 14 recycled water bottles per yard. Made in the USA.

GreenScreen® Revive™

GreenScreen® Revive™ is constructed with 100% polyester yarn made from recycled water bottles and post-consumer plastic waste. Revive is PVC-free, Cradle to Cradle Certified™ and qualifies for the GreenScreen® Recovery Program. Made in the USA.


  • 100% Recyclable
  • PVC-free
  • Zero-waste production
  • Lightweight
  • Solar control: reduce glare, reflect light & provide clean view

Specifications - GreenScreen® Revive™

Product Type

Interior / Translucent / Sustainable


100% Polyester / PVC-free
89% Recycled content

Standard Packaging

Rolls of 50 ly (46 Im)


118” (300cm)


1% = 5.87 oz/yd2 (199g /m2) + 5%
5% = 5.01 oz/yd2 (170g /m2) + 5%


1% = 0.019” (0.49mm) + 5%
5% = 0.017” (0.44mm) + 5%


1% and 5%

Specifications - GreenScreen® Evolve™

Product Type

Interior / Translucent / Sustainable


100% Polyester / PVC-free
78% Recycled content


118"( 300cm)
Weight 1% = 8.97 oz/yd2(304/m2)
3% = 8.41 oz/yd2(285 g/m2)
5% = 7.93 oz/yd2(269 g/m2)
10% = 5.69 oz/yd2(193 g/m2)
Thickness 1% = 0.029 in (0.73 mm)
3% = 0.027 in (0.68 mm)
5% = 0.026 in (0.67 mm)
10% = 0.023 in (0.59 mm)

Specifications - GreenScreen® Nature™

Product Type Sustainable
Composition 100% Fiberglass
UV Blockage Approximately 95%
Standard Packaging Rolls of 55 ly (50 lm)
Width 94.5 in (240 cm)
Weight 5.10 oz/yd2 (174 g/m2)±5%
Thickness 0.010 in (0.24 mm) ±5%

Colors and Finishes

Draper's GreenScreen® Revive™, Evolve™ and Nature™ Window Shade Fabrics are available in the following colors:

Revive™: White, Sand, Linen, Mushroom, Suede, Dusk, Stone and Onyx

Evolve™: Cloud, Light, Natural, Haze, Shale, Shadow, Wind, Rain and Storm

Nature™: Sable, Charcoal, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Pearl, Linen, and White.

Draper Roller Shades are manufactured in the USA using primarily USA-woven fabrics from Phifer and Mermet, ensuring a simple and direct supply chain that gives Draper maximum control over fast deliveries and product availability.

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