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Render Output - Images | Lumion

Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images Render Output - Images
  • Use

    Architectural visualization, landscape architecture, Interior design, urban design
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas suitable for VR
  • Characteristics

    High-speed, high-quality realistic renders, compatible with major CAD and 3D modeling software, works with ray tracing, intuitive user experience, fast learning curve, atmospheric rendering effects, animated phasing, orthographic views, easy-to-use photo and video presets
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More about this product

Rendering in Lumion allows architects to produce much more than just 3D representations of their designs. It enables them to create a window into the future, through which the true energy, emotion, and atmosphere of a scene can be experienced.

Lumion simplifies the rendering process so that absolutely anyone can create immersive visualizations of their designs, with no formal training needed. It takes just minutes to breathe life into landscape designs with detailed trees and terrains, render captivating interior scenes with ray traced lighting, and craft evocative exterior renders with atmospheric effects.

Lumion Rendered Image


Lumion can be utilized at any point in a design’s development, allowing architects to quickly visualize it in any state and make adjustments accordingly. Lumion supports CAD, BIM, and 3D modeling software and enables the easy import of multiple 3D models into a single scene.

When building a scene in Lumion, the extensive object and material library can be utilized to add crucial context and character, while the vast range of effects can be used to set the mood and give a distinct style.


Rendering in Real-time

The Lumion LiveSync plugin allows making changes on the fly is effortless. Thanks to the real-time connection between Lumion and the user’s CAD software, they can model and render simultaneously and quickly test ideas as and when they need to.

With Lumion LiveSync, design decisions can be made in real time, giving workflows a boost.


Inspiring Renders

Lumion Rendered Image

For more rendering inspiration and to discover the stories behind projects visualized in Lumion, browse the Made with Lumion articles.

Experience the latest version of Lumion for free here.

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