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Since the company’s inception in 1999, Outdoor Shower Company has been devoted to designing and manufacturing stainless steel showers that will endure harsh outdoor environments. At the beginning of 2010 The Pool Shower, Inc. became Outdoor Shower Company, LLC, literature was redesigned, a new website was created, and the look changed to better identify the product line.

Van Forrester, owner and developer of Outdoor Shower Company had searched extensively for an outdoor shower unit needed for hotels with pools. As owner of a plumbing contractor firm in the Atlanta area he realized that no one in the U.S. manufactured outdoor showers. Van began researching the design, materials, and dimensions needed to comply with American Disability Act Guidelines and the newly adopted CDC Health Code requirements. With a little help from friends and family, he put together a shower unit that was easy to install, attractive, and met guidelines established by the construction industry. Soon it was apparent that other plumbing contractors also had a need for outdoor showers, and the next steps were obtaining a patent and setting up the manufacturing process.

At that time Van never dreamed that this would become an established family business. By stepping out in faith, pressing through difficult times, prayer, and determination, family members and friends pitched in with the common goal being to get the word out that stainless steel outdoor showers were available to residential and commercial customers. Through God’s provisions, as the need for outdoor showers has become both a luxury and a necessity, Outdoor Shower Company has gained worldwide recognition.

In 2010, Outdoor Shower Company became an exclusive U.S. distributor for Caprea, a company in the Netherlands with unique outdoor stainless steel shower designs. In 2013, Fontealta, an Italian company that manufactures 316 stainless steel showers, chose Outdoor Shower Company as their U.S. distributor. These have become very popular with our customers.


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