Trimo Urban Crash Bike Base Winners Announced

The Trimo Urban Crash competition asks students to design a unique modular space solution made from Trimo products and the products of their partners. This year, the aim was to encourage aspiring designers of urban space towards a bolder, more ambitious approach to understanding architecture and its place in the larger urban environment through the design of a creative urban meeting point – the Bike Base. Manus Leung from the Faculty of Built Environment at University of New South Wales, Australia and Kacper Krywult from the Faculty of Architecture / Warsaw University of Technology, Poland were announced as the overall winners for their project SHIFT. More images and information on the winners after the break.

first place / Courtesy of Manus Leung and Kacper Krywult

Overall Winner: Manus Leung and Kacper Krywult
Project Name: SHIFT
Brief Project Description: The design for the bicycle hub is driven by the relationship of the surrounding conditions and serves as a threshold between the busy road and the intimate landscape. On another level, the design attempts to capture and express the spatial quality of riding a bicycle in an urban setting. The ability to move freely from generous roads to narrow laneways and the continuous transition between well-lit openings to dim intimate space is translated in the design.

jury winner / Courtesy of Jorge Lopez Sacristan, Christina Codjambopoulo, Beatriz Gomez Martin, Sara Rebollo

Jury Winner: Jorge Lopez Sacristan, Christina Codjambopoulo, Beatriz Gomez Martin, Sara Rebollo from Köln Fachhochschule, Germany; Mentor: Prof. Eva-Maria Pape
Brief Project Description: The facility solves and interconnects two entities: a public and a private space. The project is not self- or auto-oriented, and idea-wise it gives much more to the location than it takes. On a location that does not yet display a particular urban quality, a fluid yet optimistic project can provide a very significant social contribution. The project uses a sufficient site plan and does not require additional passes and roads. The private, second-level part of the modular project facing the park has a quality of individuality and softly touches the ground. This very intelligent project does not need an extensive amount of investment to be realized.

3rd place / Courtesy of Malgorzata Wawrzyniak

3rd Place: Malgorzata Wawrzyniak; Mentor: prof.Miloš Florijancic and prof. Mitja Zorc
Brief Project Description: A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest, servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles, free wireless internet connection, charging batteries for computers, mobile phones, charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles - these are the aims for on the north artery of Ljubljana called Dunajska cesta . The main point was to make some inconvenient, useful place for cyclists. There they will be able to have a rest, change the clothes and take care about the bikes.

public vote winner / Courtesy of Ignacio Chavero García, Roberto Baños Pantoja, Alvaro Borrego Plata

Public Vote Winner: Ignacio Chavero García, Roberto Baños Pantoja, Alvaro Borrego Plata; Mentor: L.Salazar MAC
Brief Project Description: It is chosen an abatement strategy elements as fourfold as a basic space of a Trimo module. Thus, the basic modules expand its business beyond its skeleton. In turn, these drawdowns allow the furniture to hide within the panels, both indoors and outdoors. In the upper place, windows become tables and in the lower ones interior walls can absorb the coffee program by self-tray system. The external skin of the enclosure blurs modules ... The privacy that calls each program is determined by transparencies and drilling, in which the vegetation reflects and creates a dynamic organic facade. This skin is backlit by LED tubes hidden, so the nightlife on the cafeteria is allowed.

Akripol special recognition / Courtesy of Jose Bernal and Iuliia Fomina

Akripol Special Recognition 01: Jose Bernal and Iuliia Fomina
Brief Project Description: We challenge Trimo and its partners to energize the city! The poetics which the bicycle's positive energy bring to the urban environment is embodied via human-recharged "batteries" made possible through Trimo's modular solutions.

Akripol special recognition / Courtesy of Joseph Goodwin, Nick Bastow and Richard Breen

Akripol Special Recognition 02: Joseph Goodwin, Nick Bastow and Richard Breen
Brief Project Description: Our intervention proposes to directly connect the main existing cycle route with Ljubljana's new cycle hub through our exploration of Trimo's modular units. Through innovative design and guided by various container and adaptable architectural precedents, we immediately addressed the issue of the site's slope by specifying fold out panels that open to meet the cycle route.

honorable mention - minimalism / Courtesy of Piotr Woldan, Michal Romanski, Justyna Turowska

Honorable Mention - Minimalism: Piotr Woldan, Michal Romanski, Justyna Turowska; Mentor: Dr. Marek Lamber
Brief Project Description: The main idea of the project is to make bike culture visible in the city. For that we propose ‘race’ as a urban game in which bicycle paths together with bike stations create a chain of possible bike tracks in Ljubljana. The stations function as check points providing basic city information and as ‘pit stops’ for service and as simple shelter in case of bad weather.

honorable mention - interior / Courtesy of Alexandr Valakh

Honorable Mention - Interior: Alexandr Valakh; Mentor: Professor Colin Pugh
Brief Project Description: In digital imaging, a pixel, is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The pixel is a multifunctional Cafe and Bike storage repair stop, designed on an orthogonal grid, with entirely adaptable elements including optional layouts and furniture arrangements. The Pixel like its name sake is in an adaptable social environment designed to to create a new and flexible social public space. These spatial responses include differing strategies for Daytime, Nighttime as we all as different strategies which can be implemented to respond to environmental/seasonal factors, site conditions as well as security requirements.

honorable mention - unique metal scheme / Courtesy of Luis Fernando Osorio Lua, Jose Abraham and Buenrostro Valadez

Honorable Mention - Unique Metal Scheme: Luis Fernando Osorio Lua, Jose Abraham and Buenrostro Valadez
Brief Project Description: The architecture as all in human life is about possibility, the possibility of modifying the space, must be delimitated by the needs for which it was created, in this case a self-sufficient bike base. Base on this idea is developed Lujboost, conformed by three Trimo modular units collocated on the north-south axis, to demarcate a space by separating, creating an inside from the outside and giving at the same time a symbolic icon for the city, creating not only a product but also giving a visual identity to the context.

honorable mention - site adequate solution / Courtesy of Dušan Lilić

Honorable Mention - Site Adequate Solution: Dušan Lilić
Brief Project Description: The main idea of forming the BOXCYCLE, by joining 3 modular containers, is to achieve simple and yet for urban space very recognisable shape. Despite being simple box, object can transform its shape depending on time of use. In the wintertime it acts as a monolith closed capsule, a kind of shelter from bad and cold weather, while in the summertime it stays open, forming a kind of an open pavilion. As a open pavilion, BOXCYCLE consists of 4 boxes surrounded by open space. Boxes, with their spatial position, tries to follow existing, and also create new, dynamics in close surrounding of busy street. The main functions are placed inside these boxes, while the open interspace around serves as visible entrances. Object, placed on the pavement, is easy to construct, accessable for both cyclists and pedestrians, aims to become new meeting point and reason for other citizens to use bike instead of car.

honorable mention - prudent socializing space / Courtesy of Petra Karlova

Honorable Mention - Prudent Socializing Space: Petra Karlova; Mentor: Dr. Ivan Kroupa
Brief Project Description: The proposal offers a detour from the speedy city lifestyle and connects bikers with the placid park area. Hidden in the slope, the narrow entrance intrigues you to go in and discover the inner space. Due to minor terrain adjustments, there is no need to dismount the bike to use all the facilities. Even if the containers should be removed, the site will provide extra experience for passers-by and bikers, and the pit-stop booth could be used elsewhere. Apart from the given functions – bar and bike-workshop, the booth aims to be a cultural venue with possibilities of movie screenings or concerts, with natural seating area on the meadow.

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