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Courtesy of UnSangDong Architects

Designed for the ShangHai Industrial Pavilion, UnSangDong Architects imagined the Korean Corporate Pavilion coinciding along the subjects of green city and green life. It is named Communi-Imagination and it holds the introspection of environment together with innovation of technology. Korea got over the unfortunate situation of the Korean War which didn’t seem to be possible and has achieved unimaginable development and innovation. This space represents technology and spirit of Korean enterprises which is the main agent of these accomplishments. More images and architects’ description after the break.

The spirit and the technology of 12 Korean enterprises which are developing towards higher-tech such as information technology, distribution, aviation, electronic, vehicle, chemistry and shipbuilding are represented in the architecture by diverse exhibitions and videos. This recordable scale of expo is held in China which is the biggest market in the world. We hope to promote advanced Korean technology and brand, and re-establish a new relationship for economy and cultural exchange between Korea and China. We hope to promote new competiveness of Korean enterprises with new awareness of nature and Korean high-technology. In conclusion, Environmental Communi-Imagination connects Asia to the world and suggests a new vision.

Courtesy of UnSangDong Architects

Green Imagination 01: Combination of Green and Imagination

Courtesy of UnSangDong Architects

We suggest Korean Corporate Pavilion containing exhibition and experience of natural nature and artificial nature. The shape of the pavilion is taken from nature. It brings parts of it to the architecture as an artificial container. Green-Imagination means the combination of Green and Imagination which re-produces an unlimited potentiality of nature and the power of making imagination true in order to express the spirit and the technology of Korean enterprise.

As society is getting civilized, the condition of nature goes to ruin. Global warming and depletion of natural sources which the consumption-driven society in capitalism causes are important issues now, and we can’t avoid the environmental subjects. Especially the unlimited expansion of population, architecture and infrastructure in big cities predict overall natural exhaustion threatening the ecosystem. Korean enterprises also need to suggest new values for the future through introspection of nature. Therefore, a new system gained from the combination and symbiosis of nature and human is suggested such as landscape architecture and ecological architecture. This system is the active integration of architecture and nature from deep introspection of sustainability.

Courtesy of UnSangDong Architects

Green Imagination 02: Compound of nature component_ a container holding nature

Courtesy of UnSangDong Architects

Korean Corporate Pavilion is a pot-like architecture. The pot is an artificial container in which nature is put in. The pot is a technological container maintaining and creating diverse figures of nature. In this technologic container, 12 Korean enterprises are combined. The exhibit hall provides potentiality of futuristic high-technology through cooperation and communication among each other. This pot-like architecture is composed with a 3-dimensional digital space at ground level, exhibition space on the 2nd floor and space for enterprise prospecting on the 3rd floor. Eventually it is a huge pot of a pine grove penetrating the whole system.

The artificial pot putting nature in embodies and combines nature by diverse methods. This diverse composition is generated by a 3-dimensional combination of natural topography. Various Korean topographies are abstracted and its components such as mountain, field, valley and river are combined with architecture.


Green-Imagination 03: sculpt Korean scenery


The artificial pot putting in nature contains eternity and change of Korean landscape; mountain and water. In the oriental view of nature, scenery is interpreted as a temporal medium which contains traces and the involving the past and the future. Korean Corporate Pavilion as artificial nature is an organic body breathing with mysterious nature which keeps changing unlimitedly. Korean Corporate Pavilion is a symbiotic structure at the contact point of lively dynamics and contemporary esthetics. To sculpt Korean scenery, the Korean corporate pavilion intents a Korean environmental-friendly spirit. The Korean nature like landscape painting is engraved.

Green Imagination 04: topography of communication.


Korean identity is introduced to the world, furthermore, a communicating topography is provided at the center of Asian emotion. The communicating topography consists of the pot in order to provide diverse experiences for visitors and the exhibition of Korean enterprise. Especially at the ground level, communicating structure which digital nature-plaza composes is dynamically opened except for necessary programs in order to overcome the conditions of small site. It is a waiting area before appreciating the exhibition. They get in touch naturally with promotional images of Korean enterprises while staying in the waiting area. At the 2nd level, universal space engages diverse exhibitions. It not only advertises individual enterprise but also advertises Korea overall as a brand. The 3rd floor, which is a nature observing space integrating all the Korean enterprises provides surrealistic communication combining real and technological nature. Lastly the pine glove is a space like paradise harmonizing nature and human.

Organic of scenery:  landscape and lighting concept

model 01

The four seasons of Korean nature are displayed. Korean landscape has different beauties according to its season. Organism of scenery is like ink-and-wash painting presenting spring- bright flower scene, summer- cool water fall and green forest scene, autumn- beautiful autumn colors of leaf scene and winter- modest cold mountain scene. The panorama harmonizing inner space and outer space composes architecture like a new landscape. The spatial structure and the program included reflect properties of nature and accommodate diverse naturalized programs relating new circumstances of the new age. Constructed shape consists of an organism system which keeps changing with the relationship between people and time beyond separated category weather it is scene or not. It is new oriental painting harmonizing digital and nature.

Water Stream

model 02

As part of experiencing nature on elevation, water skin starting from the nature-observing space changes as time period goes by. It floods to the enterprise hall like a waterfall. It is a dynamic fact working as a finishing stroke in Korean scenery. The waterfall is located in the entrance and the river side, and the visitors’ spectacular experience is amplified according to their movement.

Digital scenery

model 03

The Korean landscape engraved digital skin changes urban expressions using diverse LED images and light. It is an urban skin providing advertisement of enterprises and necessary information for visitors.

Vertical composition of program_ accumulated event nature

model 04

We suggest Korean Corporate Pavilion providing an experience of nature. It doesn’t show the spirit and the technology of Korean enterprises by a simple exhibition. Spatial experience becomes an exhibition itself through nature displayed on different levels such as media valley, universal topography, nature-observatory and pine grove.

The pot putting in nature is composed by the accumulation of topographic language. The language of accumulated topography is abstracted and constructs the shape of nature. Accumulated topography is a result representing the natural phenomenon and responding to the time flow like an organism. Diverse technology and spirit which connect past, present and future are contained in the topography. Topography is not only an accumulated phenomena of time but a historical phenomenon holding human civilization and historical records. Topographic accumulation is not only a matter of shape but program. Moreover the combination of them and events produce diverse accumulations.

1st level spatial composition: media valley, digital natural space

1) Public open space- media valley, circulation by escalator, information center, souvenir shop + exit for media cylinder, visitor’s toilet 2) VIP space- VIP lounge, VIP entrance, service and management room, conference room 3) Service space- control room, media cylinder, mechanic room

2nd level spatial composition: natural space for enterprise exhibition: Exhibition space for enterprise, resting space, media cylinder, visitor toilet, circulation by escalator, service core,

3rd level spatial composition: nature-observatory space for all enterprise: Nature-observatory, service and management space, media cylinder

Roof level spatial composition: Outdoor exhibition space in the pine grove.

Green Imagination 05: circulative ecosystem

We suggest the forest to be like enormous tree pot moved. At the top, there is an ecosystem with the pine grove, water space, roof garden and windmill. As visitors move, they experience nature such as water, energy, pine grove and grass. The composition is that Korean nature is placed in the huge pot.

We suggest not only a small ecosystem but a self-sufficient environmental system. Rainwater penetrating the whole architecture is filtered to drinking water, and the windmill produces energy using wind from the roof floor. The lake on the top floor runs through the gauze like a curtain and it reaches the root of trees in order to help their growing. It is a vertical landscape realizing the saving water, light, energy and time.

Water item: at the integrated space for the enterprises on the top, the surface of water blocks hot air and cools it down. Wind item: On the top, there are windmills within the pine grove producing energy as a circulative ecosystem. Forest item: pine grove provides a shade and fresh air just like real nature. Floral zone for farming: the crops that are cultivated in Korea like rice make a landscape themselves.

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