Villa Soest / Zecc Architecten

© Cornbread Works
© Cornbread Works

Architect: Zecc Architecten
Location: Soest,
Client: Private
Project year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Cornbread Works

© Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works

Spiral House / Powerhouse Company

© Stephane Chalmeau
© Stephane Chalmeau

Architects: Powerhouse Company
Location: Burgundy,
Partner in Charge: Charles Bessard
Client: Withheld
Contractor: Covre Charpente Sarl, Berthoud toiture, Ets Favérial, SA Gandin
Project Area: 200 sqm
Budget: 300.000 €
Project year: 2005–2008
Photographs: Stephane Chalmeau

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau

Casadetodos / Veronica Arcos

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

Architect: Verónica Arcos
Collaborator: Anna Pla Catalá, Architect, AADipl, MScAAD
Clients: Rodrigo Arcos, Alejandra Schmidt
Location: Santiago de
Structural Engenieer: José Manuel Morales
Design: 2006
Construction: 2007-2008
Built surface: 220m2
Photographs: Gonzalo Puga
Construction photographs: Verónica Arcos

Loft L / adawittfeldarchitektur

© Angelo Kaunat
© Angelo Kaunat

Architects: kadawittfeldarchitektur
Location: Aachen,
Project Manager: Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Trappen
Project Area: 68 sqm
Project year: 2007
Photographer: Angelo Kaunat &

© Angelo Kaunat © Angelo Kaunat © kwa © kwa

Birkimörk Halfway House / PK Arkitektar

_RAF6520 jpg

Architects: PK Arkitektar ehf
Location: Hveragerði,
Client: Ministry of Social Affairs
Design team: Pálmar Kristmundsson and Bernd Kolb
Consultants: ÞB verkfræðistofa og Verkfræðistofan TERA sf.
Construction Supervisor: VST – Verkfræðistofa Sigurðar Thoroddsen hf. Selfossi
Site area: 1,560.8 sqm
Constructed area: 430 sqm
Project year: 2006-2007
Photographs: Rafael Pinho & Helge Garke

birkimörk_4566 birkimörk_4578 birkimörk_4608 birkimörk_4623

Centrifugal Villa / OBRA Architects


Architects: OBRA Architects
Location: Southampton, ,
Principals in Charge:Pablo Castro, Jennifer Lee
Project team:Selin Semaan, Akira Gunji, Luis Costa, Shin Kook Kang, Satoshi Kiyono, Kaon Ko, Bronwyn Kotzen, Fabiana Meacham, Elizabeth Snow, Elina Almuhametova, Chiara Filios, Doreen Lam
Structural Engineering:Robert Silman Associates
Lighting consultant:Peiheng Tsai Lighting Design
Project Area: 1,231 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: OBRA Architects

IMG_1724_rev_m IMG_9132_rev_m IMG_1870_rev_m IMG_8992_rev_m

Re-cover Residence / Bates Masi Architects


Architect: Bates Masi Architects
Location: East Hampton, NY,
Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Steven L. Maresca
Contractor: Paul Cassidy
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Christopher Wesnofske

Bath Exterior Kitchen Siding_Detail

V23K18 / Pasel.Kuenzel

© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg

Architects: Pasel.Kuenzel Architects
Location: Leiden,
Project Area: 130 sqm building + 60 sqm garden
Project year: 2005-2009
Photographer: Marcel van der Burg

© Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg

AD Round Up: Wooden Houses Part II

Since we started with ArchDaily we’ve published many wooden houses. And our new readers may have missed more than one. So to start this week’s Round Up we bring you our second part (first one here) of previously featured wooden houses.

1Amalia House / GRID Architects
Amalia -named after the grandmother of her owners -is a holiday cabin to host family members spread all over Austria. Located on top of a hill in Styria, overlooking the valley of Kirchbach Amalia offers space for up to six people, without having to spare any comfort. Organised in 2 levels, one of them split, she lets the landscape (read more…)

2Vila Isabella / Brasil Arquitetura
For us it is impossible to imagine modern Brazilian architecture without thinking about the strong influence of Finland in the form of the exceptional works of Alvar Aalto. When we consider our architectural origins, or our referential network, we come across structures, spatial concepts, constructional principles, use of materials (read more…)

3Triangle House / JVA
This house is situated with views towards the sea between the branches of the surrounding pine-forest. The permitted aerial building lines define the plan and even the heights of the roofline. While the exterior views are singularly framed by the window openings, closely related to individual spaces, the interior is treated (read more…)

4House on Lake Rupanco / Alejandro Beals, Christian Beals
The house is located on the edge of lake Rupanco, in the south of . The 160 x 30 meters site has a 36 meters slope and south-facing views of the lake. The house programme was meant to include a lounge and an office where books, photos and fishing tackle could be kept. The dining room, kitchen and terrace were to have visual (read more…)

5Tacna Hill Beach House / dRN Architects
A Beach House must be a place to relax, where one could both rest and gather with friends. It must properly serve, both a simple couple, or a big bunch of unexpected visitors. Also, it must be a cosy off-season hideaway and at the same time, a great place for a Summer barbecue party. It’s here where exteriors become (read more…)

Hye Ro Hun / IROJE KHM Architects


Architect: HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Location: Gwangju, Jeonnanam-do,
Design team: SuMi Jung
Site area: 594 sqm
Bldg. area: 168.63 sqm
Gross floor area: 269.07 sqm
Photographer: JongOh Kim


Elizabeth H / Bates Masi Architects


Architect: Bates Masi Architects
Location: Amagansett, NY,
Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Steven L. Maresca
Contractor: Paul Masi
Project Year: 2002
Photographs: Christopher Wesnofske

1 2 7 11

De Oostvaarders / Drost + van Veen architecten


Architects: Drost + van Veen architecten
Location: Alemere,
Project Architects: Evelien van Veen, Simone Drost
Collaborators: Onno Groen, Kees de Wit, Jos Lafeber, Bernhard Jaarsma, Perry Klootwijk
Client: Gemeente Almere
Contractor: Reimert Bouw
Structural Engineer: ABT Delft
Project year: 2009
Photographs: John Lewis Marshall, Ben te Raa & Roos Aldershoff

00_08_12_07 09_09-01-02 2009_000387 DSC200900958

House Bierings / Rocha Tombal Architecten

© Hennie Raaymakers
© Hennie Raaymakers

Architects: Rocha Tombal Architecten / Ana Rocha, Michel Tombal
Location: Utrecht,
Project team: Iwona Wozniakowska, Enrique Otero Neira, Elena Cabrera Vacas
Client: Fam. De Haas-Bierings
Construction: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft bv
Contractor: Aannemingsbedrijf de Hek bv, Giessen/Oudekerk
Constructed Area: 239 sqm
Budget: $1,716 Euro/sqm
Project year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Hennie Raaymakers from DAPh & Ana Rocha

© Hennie Raaymakers © Hennie Raaymakers © Hennie Raaymakers © Hennie Raaymakers

House in Ornontowice / medusagroup


Architects: medusagroup
Location: Ornontowice,
Architects in Charge: Przemo łukasik, Lukasz zagała
Associate Architect: Jakub Magon
Project area: 300 sqm
Design year: 2007
Construction year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Milosz Jaksik

house-in-ornontowice01 house-in-ornontowice06 house-in-ornontowice08 house-in-ornontowice14

Day care centre de kleine Kikker / Drost + van Veen architecten


Architects: Drost + van Veen architecten
Location: De Uithof, Utrecht,
Client: Skohold BV
Project Area: 520 sqm
Project year: 2003
Photographs: Rob ‘t Hart

kik01 kik32 kik09 kik24

Rothoblaas limited Company / monovolume


Architect: monovolume architecture + design
Location: Kurtatsch,
Project manager: Pedó Pobitzer
Project team: Christian Gold, Barbara Waldboth, Amgelika Mair
Structural Engineering: Baucon Bozen (Ing. Neulichedl Simon)
Client: Rothoblaas limited Company
Building area: 3,700 sqm
Budget: 5,5 Mil. Euro
Project year: 2005
Photographs: Oskar Da Riz

_DRZ9039AB _DRZ9262B _DRZ9566AB _DRZ9721B

Qual Hill / Bates Masi Architects


Architect: Bates Masi Architects
Location: Amagansett, NY,
Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Steven L. Maresca
Contractor: Sanders Construction
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Christopher Wesnofske

Exterior_1 Kitchen Master_Bedroom Siding_Detail

Rennes Métropole Crematorium / PLAN 01

© Luc Boegly
© Luc Boegly

Architects: PLAN 01 architects
Location: Rennes Métropole,
Project team: Jean Bocabeille, Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier, Christophe Ouhayoun, Stéphane Pertusier, Ignacio Prego, Dominique Vitti, Anne-Charlotte Zanassi, Julien Zanassi and Nicolas Ziesel
Project manager: Daniela Miccolis
Project year: 2005-2009
Site Area: 1,100 sqm
Budget: US $2,72 M
Photographs: © Luc Boegly & Stéphane Chalmeau

© Luc Boegly © Luc Boegly © Stéphane Chalmeau © Luc Boegly