Tartu University Institute of Physics / Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid + Stuudio Tallinn

© Kaido Haagen

Architects: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid, Stuudio Tallinn
Location: , Estonia
Design: OÜ, Kadri Tamme Sisearhitektuur OÜ, Stuudio Tallinn Oü
Area: 12700.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Kaido Haagen

Science Centre AHHAA / Künnapu & Padrik Architects

© Arne Maasik

Architects: Künnapu & Padrik Architects
Location: ,
Area: 10,130 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Arne Maasik

Snailtower / Künnapu & Padrik Architects

© Reio Avaste

Architects: Künnapu & Padrik Architects
Location: ,
Structural Engineering: TARI
Builder: Nordecon Ehitus
Year: 2008
Photographs: Reio Avaste

Tartu Health Care College / Kavakava Architects

© Jaan Sokk

Architects: Kavakava Architects
Location: Estonia,
Architect In Charge: Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil
Interior Design: Tarmo Piirmets PINK
Area: 6,480 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Jaan Sokk, Martin Siplane

Kindergarten Lotte / Kavakava Architects

© Aivo Kallas

Architects: Kavakava Architects
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Indrek Peil, Siiri Vallner
Interior Design: Tea Tammelaan, Malle Jürgenson, Krista Lepland, Sirli Ehari
Area: 1,885 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Aivo Kallas, Kaido Haagen, Lauri Kulpsoo, Kristo Nurmis

Tartu Rebase Street / Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]

© Lukas Schaller

The original concept of the building was to combine the advantages of single residential homes with the economical aspects of `apartment living´. Over the last centuries the concept of single residential family houses changed enormously. Different approaches and reinterpretations changed not only the way that people live but also the way they use their own spaces. Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]‘s proposal was to combine the advantages of privacy, outdoor gardens, and boundless views that a single residential home offers with the low economic and maintenance costs of an apartment.

Architect: Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]
Location: Tartu, Estonia
Project Area: 3,500 sqm
Renderings: Martin Mathy
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Lukas Schaller, Jaan Sokk

Tartu Kesklinna School Extension / Salto AB

© Martin Siplane

Architects: Salto AB
Location: Kroonuaia 7, ,
Credits: Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke, Kristiina Arusoo
Graphics: Mammut
Project year: 2005 – 2007
Photographs: Reio Avaste, Martin Siplane, Karli Luik

Sports Hall Of The Estonian University Of Life Sciences / Salto AB

© Kaido Haagen

Architects: Salto AB
Location: Kreutzwaldi 3, , Estonia
Credits: Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke
Interior designer: Katrin Kaevats, Jaan Port
Structural design: OÜ Pikoprojekt
Project area: 4,600 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Kaido Haagen, Reio Avaste & Karli Luik