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Southern States Outlaw LEED Building Standards

The US Green Building Council’s federally adopted LEED certification system has come under legislative siege with lobbyists from the timber, plastics and chemical industries crying out, “monopoly!” Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama have lead efforts to ban LEED, claiming the USGBC’s closed-door approach and narrow-minded material interests have shut out stakeholders in various industries that could otherwise aid in the sustainable construction of environmentally-sensitive buildings.

Most recently, Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, slipped in a last minute amendment to both the Housing and Urban Development and Department of Transportation appropriation bills stating no tax money may be used to require implementation of any green building certification system other than a system that:

d3 Housing Tomorrow 2012 Winners

Update: Imagine the Mississippi

Spirit Island Void Interior
Spirit Island Void Interior

A few days ago, we shared a sampling of projects from the Imagine the Mississippi initiative, where a group of undergraduate students from the University of Minnesota have tackled the challenge of re-inventing the character of the waterfront.   While the proposals we previously featured include a new pool/aquarium combination and a spot to experience the waterfall up close and personal, today’s featured proposals offer four new visions for the Mississippi. Check out five more proposals after the break.

Imagine the Mississippi

Lock Pool Overview
Lock Pool Overview

Historically, the Mississippi River was held in high esteem due to its influence on the economic and industrial fields, as well as its soothing spiritual qualities. As the water grew to become more polluted, residents lost their strong connection to the water and had little desire to occupy the waterfront. Upon recognizing the potential the land still has to offer, a group of undergraduate students from the University of Minnesota have designed 30 different ideas that will revitalize the waterfront and infuse it, once again, with life and energy. Originally compiled in a book, the Imagine the Mississippi proposals are also on public display at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis and aim to “to spur social discourse surrounding what could be one of the most compelling and vibrant riverfronts in the world.” More information about specific proposals and more images after the break.

FORMCities: Urban Divide Design Competition

FORMCities calls for design proposals to address the negative impacts of urban forms and transportation thoroughfares which have created visual, physical, and psychological, barriers that have sorted cities along the lines of race, income, and class.