Farrar Pond Project – FlexFENCE / Mikyoung Kim Design

Courtesy of Mikyoung Kim Design

Landscape Architect: Mikyoung Kim Design
Project Location: , , USA
Commissioning Entity: R. E. Davoli
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Courtesy of Mikyoung Kim Design

Twist / Randy Brown Architects

© Farshid Assassi

Architect: Randy Brown Architects
Location: Omaha, ,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs:Farshid Assassi

The Basler Residence, titled Twist by the architects, sits on a corner lot with two faces to the street. Its exterior facades blend well into the surrounding area, but the house is different from its neighbors. The client sought out Randy Brown Architects of Omaha, Nebraska to design a modern family home. The resulting house is a hybrid with attention to context, and a sleek, modern interior.

Antelope Valley Reflecting Wall / Min | Day

© Min | Day


The Antelope Valley Reflecting Wall is a proposal by architecture office Min | Day to alter the face of an existing retaining wall in , and enliven the adjoining land. Min | Day describes the Antelope Valley Reflecting Wall as a new horizon in Lincoln, . Although an 18 foot by 1000 foot retaining wall, the structural base of the project, already exists, the area is unimpressive and underused. Min | Day’s additions to the structure and to the space would transform the floodwall and its surroundings into a fresh new urban space for the city and the neighborhood.

AD Classics: Gropius House / Walter Gropius

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, © daderot

Home to one of the most influential architects of the 20th Century, the Gropius House was the residence of Walter Gropius and his family during his tenure at Harvard University during the mid 1900s. Completed in 1938, the Gropius House was the first commissioned project in the United States for the famed architect.  Located in Lincoln, the house is a hybrid of traditional New England aesthetic and the modernist teachings of the Bauhaus.

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Page Road House / Andrew Cohen Architects

© Greg Premru Photography

Architects: Andrew Cohen Architects
Location: , Massachusetts,
Landscape Architect: Scott Carman
General Contractor: Jonathan Merz
Structural Engineer: Richmond So Engineers, Inc.
Civil Engineer: Dave Crispin
Photographs: Greg Premru Photography