New Haifa Waterfront Plan / Amir Mann–Ami Shinar Architects and Planners

Courtesy of Amir Mann-Ami Shinar

Aiming to connect with the sea, the proposal for the New Waterfront Plan by Amir Mann-Ami Shinar Architects and Planners focuses on the making of large open public space along the water. Some new “warehouse-like” linear structures will be built, only two-story high, and all buildings, old and new, will maintain industrial character. Also, with the old cranes, the overhead grain-conveyers and other working port facilities will keep the unique port atmosphere. More images and architects’ description after the break.

S House / Alroy Hazak Architects

© Oded Smadar

Architects: Alroy Hazak Architects
Location: , Israel
Year: 2012
Photographs: Oded Smadar

Zielony Graduate Student Village / Bar Orian Architects + Schwartz Besnosoff Architects

Courtesy of + Schwartz Besnosoff Architects

Architects: Bar Orian Architects - Arch. Gidi Bar Orian + Schwartz Besnosoff Architects - Gaby Schwartz
Location: , Israel
Project Team: Arch. Nir Ovadia, Arch. Vladimir Melamed, Arch. Ofri Broza, Arch Avi Rotal
Photographs: Courtesy of Bar Orian Architects + Schwartz Besnosoff Architects


Haifa Court House / Chyutin Architects


Architects: Chyutin Architects Ltd.
Location: , Israel
Budget: $ 115,000,000
Project area: 10,000 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Chyutin Architects

Haifa University Student Center / Chyutin Architects

© Amit Giron

Architects: Chyutin Architects Ltd.
Location: ,
Client: Haifa University
Team: Bracha Chyutin, Michael Chyutin, Ethel Rosenhek, Joseph Perez
Project area: 6,200 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Amit Giron