Miami Design District’s Museum Garage Will Feature a Façade by WORKac

08:00 - 5 February, 2016
Courtesy of The Miami Design District
Courtesy of The Miami Design District

The Miami Design District, a neighborhood dedicated to innovative art and architecture, has commissioned The Museum Garage to be built as a part of Phase III of development. Curated by Terence Riley of K/R Architects, the garage will feature six different facades each designed by a different firm: Work Architecture Company (WORKac)J. Mayer H.Clavel Arquitectos; Nicolas Buffe; K/R Architects; and Sagmeister & Walsh. 

The facades will include a wall of recycled cars, a wall of traffic barriers repurposed as screens, a mural of cartoon characters mixed in with baroque details, a corner design of interlocking puzzle pieces, façade cutouts that serve as an “ant farm” which expose the activity inside, and a painting of a candle being burned at both ends.

Scheduled for completion this year, the garage will serve as a seven story mixed-use building with ground-floor retail and a garage for 800 vehicles.

Learn more about each of the facade designs after the break.

Skin New York: A Conversation Between an Architect, a Facade Consultant, an Engineer and a Fabricator

10:30 - 20 August, 2015
organized by CTBUH New York
organized by CTBUH New York

Join the CTBUH New York City Chapter for a discussionon on Facades Design and Contsruction in New York. With an increased reliance on technology and specialization, and the need for speed and innovation, the Facade Talks Series aims at a new type of open and focused conversation to bring together different sides of the spectrum of the facade industry. The Talks are focused on building enclosure systems and the challenges in designing and building facades, where Industry leaders in architecture, facade design, engineering and construction will present and discuss new ideas, innovative technologies, and challenges in both design and construction based on a specific theme.

This Innovative Brick Sucks Pollution From the Air Like a Vacuum Cleaner

16:00 - 12 August, 2015
© Carmen Trudell & Natacha Schnider
© Carmen Trudell & Natacha Schnider

These days air pollution in some cities is a big problem, and as a result, buildings that help alleviate that problem are all the rage. In recent years though, designers have started to move beyond simply reducing a building's emissions and started to work with techniques that actually remove pollutants from the air, through systems such as Nemesi's "photocatalytic" facade for the Italy Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo which captures and reacts with pollution in the presence of light.

However, in most cases these new technologies have been chemical, only affecting the air that physically comes into contact with them. What if buildings could take a more active role in pulling in pollutants from the sky? What if they could work a little more like a vacuum cleaner? This was exactly the inspiration behind the Breathe Brick developed by Carmen Trudell, an assistant professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's school of architecture and founder of Both Landscape and Architecture.

Material Minds: The Possibilities Of Ultra High Performance Concrete

12:30 - 13 May, 2015
Waikiki Business Plaza / MGA Architecture. Image Courtesy of TAKTL
Waikiki Business Plaza / MGA Architecture. Image Courtesy of TAKTL

Since the beginning of the Modernist era a century ago, concrete has been appreciated by architects for its strength, versatility and sculptural potential. For many countries, concrete played a key role in their recovery from the Second World War, and in their continued modernization during the second half of the 20th century. But in recent years - while it is still as widely-used as ever - concrete has fallen on something of an image problem, with criticisms of its environmental impact and its aesthetic appearance becoming commonplace.

That hasn't stopped some companies continuing to innovate with concrete. Among these companies is TAKTL, a facade panel designer and manufacturer that works exclusively with Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). To find out what UHPC can offer to architecture, ArchDaily spoke to TAKTL about the potential of this material, and the future of concrete construction.

Light Matters: Learning From Vernacular Windows

09:30 - 9 April, 2015
Window in Osaka, Japan. Image © VELUX Group
Window in Osaka, Japan. Image © VELUX Group

Before computer daylight simulations were used to optimize the atmosphere and energy in buildings, generations of builders developed simple principles to create the best windows for their site. Two lighting experts have studied these traditional openings in buildings to find inspiration for more sustainable designs today. Francesco Anselmo, a lighting designer at Arup, and John Mardaljevic, Professor of Building Daylight Modelling at the School of Civil & Building Engineering of Loughborough University, have analysed the sun and skylight variations from northern regions like Stockholm down to the equator in cities like Haiti or Abu Dhabi.

Read on to learn more about the variety of traditional windows.

Window in Rome, Italy. Image © VELUX Group Window in Stockholm, Sweden. Image © VELUX Group Window in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Image © VELUX Group Window in London, Great Britain. Image © VELUX Group +7

Zahner Produce Façade for Brazil's Acquario Ceará Aquarium

00:00 - 31 July, 2014
Courtesy of Zahner
Courtesy of Zahner

The Brazilian coastal city of Fortaleza, one of the host cities for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, will soon be home to one of the world's largest aquariums. Designed by Leonardo Fontanelle (Imagic Brasil), Acquire Ceará is projected to be the third largest building of its type and is intended to provide a lasting beacon for tourism in the area. Zahner, a US company known for their ability to design and create complex façades (including the Petersen Automotive Museum by Kohn Pedersen Fox) have been tasked with constructing twenty three curving "legs" which support the structure of "the Manta and Sea Urchin-shaped roof surface". Zahner's President, William Zahner, believes that "this is perhaps the most intricate building ever constructed in the Americas."

See Zahner's prototype and images of the aquarium after the break.

Six Essential Materials & The Architects That Love Them

01:00 - 5 March, 2014

In case you missed it, we’re re-publishing this popular post for your material pleasure. Enjoy!

To celebrate the recent launch of our US product catalog, ArchDaily Materials, we've coupled six iconic architects with what we deem to be their favourite or most frequently used material. From Oscar Neimeyer's sinuous use of concrete to Kengo Kuma's innovative use of wood, which materials define some of the world's best known architects?

Five Fantastic Façades

01:00 - 26 February, 2014

In case you missed it, we're re-publishing this popular post for your material pleasure. Enjoy!

To celebrate the recent launch of ArchDaily Materials we've brought together five projects with fantastic façades, from Viñoly's Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building in San Francisco to Holzer Kobler's PALÄON in Schöningen, Germany. A building's envelope is often people's first impression and, in recent years, have been one of the focuses of innovation in the design and construction industry. The projects we've collated show a glimpse at what's possible with façades and wall finishings.

Zahner Launches Software for Design and Fabrication

00:00 - 20 January, 2014
Original design by Crawford Architects on the Zahner Headquarters in North America / Mike Sinclair. Image Courtesy of Zahner
Original design by Crawford Architects on the Zahner Headquarters in North America / Mike Sinclair. Image Courtesy of Zahner

Zahner, one of the world's foremost fabricators of façades, have launched new software to assist in design, fabrication, costing and delivery. CloudWall, part of Zahner's ShopFloor platform, is a web based programme which provides an interface for users to design and fabricate curving facades in metal. It is a tool that uses Zahner's "factory floor like a massive rapid prototype machine".

QuadroClad™ Glass Façade Panels / Hunter Douglas Contract

11:11 - 21 July, 2010

This month, we would like to introduce QuadroClad™ Glass Façade Panels, a great product from the Facades line of Hunter Douglas Contract.

QuadroClad™ Metal Façade Panels / Hunter Douglas Contract

12:49 - 12 March, 2010

This month, we would like to introduce you the QuadroClad™ Metal Façade Panels, a great product from Hunter Douglas Contract.

NBK Terracotta Façade Panels / Hunter Douglas Contract

20:59 - 1 September, 2009

As architects, we are always looking for new materials and technologies to make projects standout in terms of aesthetics, design and functionality. The type of products available and an architects’ knowledge about its uses will have a direct influence in the design stage of a project.

Terracotta Façades panels by industry leader NBK (a Hunter Douglas company) bring a completely new dimension to designing the building exterior. Blending the latest technology for ventilated façades with urban tradition and materials, NBK terracotta tiles meet the highest standards for both architecture and design.