AD Round Up: Projects in Finland

Courtesy of JKMM Architects

Over the years we’ve been featuring amazing projects from . So we decided to gather 5 projects from 2008-2009 that you may have missed into this special Round Up. We have a great library from JKMM Architects, a great house in Hanko designed by brazilian architects, the METLA Forest Research Centre, the beautiful WISA Hotel in the southern harbour of Helsinki and a lakeside house with a bear in it. Don’t miss them!

Gymnastics Building / Heams & Michel Architects

© Serge Demailly

Architects: Heams & Michel Architects
Location: Tourrette Levens,
Project name: Gymnastics building
Programme: Sport
Engineer: GL Ingénierie
Client: Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes
Project Area: 240 sqm SHON
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Serge Demailly, Heams & Michel Architects

Victor Civita Plaza / Levisky Arquitetos Associados

© Nelson Kon

Architects: Levisky Arquitetos Associados, Adriana Blay Levisky +
Location: São Paulo,
Clients: City of São Paulo and Grupo Abril
Coordination: Levisky Arquitetos Associados
Architecture Team: Renata Gomes Architect – Coordinator, Casey Mahon Architect, Tatiana Antonelli Architect, Lílian Braga Architect, Luciana Magalhães Architect, Renata Helena de Paula Architect, Cátia Portughesi Zoning, Gabriela Kuntz Admin, Fernando Lima 3D Renderings, Marcelo Ignatios 3D Renderings, Luiz André Lanzuolo Model.
Photographs: Nelson Kon


Shimonoseki-shi Kawatana Onsen Koryu Center / Kengo Kuma & Associates

© Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Location: 5180 Azayumachi, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi,
Client: City of Shimonoseki
Total floor area: 1,242.85 sqm
Structural engineering: Sato Jun Structural Engineers
Utilities, equipment: P.T.Morimura & Associates, LTD.
Construction: Kosei Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
Design period: 2006.12-2007.05
Construction period: 2008.04-2009.11
Photographs: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

TEDxPhilly: Why Skyscrapers are Overrated / Inga Saffron

Inga Saffron, the architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, challenges cities to look beyond their “skyscraper fantasies and dreams of increased tourism”, suggesting they work to improve and build amenities that will make urban areas better places to live for the existing dwellers. She believes public spaces should be the priority and that cities should focus on upgrading transit systems, adding bike lanes to all major roadways, increasing walkability, creating and maintaining great parks and public plazas. Cities need a range of densities, this would allow for greater flexibility.

has written about urban design issues for more than a decade. As an architecture critic, she has reviewed many of the most memorable new projects of the era, however her primary interest is centered on the less-heralded places that people encounter in their daily lives. As a 2011-12 Leob Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Saffron is exploring how cities can retain their district identities in a globalized, interconnected world, while remaining viable places to work and live.

Reference: TEDx, DI

Ellivo Studio / Ellivo Architects

© Scott Burrows

Architects: Ellivo Architects
Location: Fortitude Valley, Queensland,
Photographs: Scott Burrows (Aperture Photography)

NYC Event: Four Conversations on the Discourse of Architecture

The Van Alen Institute, a non-profit architectural organization in City, is hosting a Q&A between Aaron Levy of Slought Foundation and William Menking of the The Architects’ Newspaperwith editor Thomas Weaver on February 3rd at 7:oo pm.  Located at Van Alen Books, 30 W. 22nd Street, on the ground floor between 5th and 6th Avenues in Manhattan, you can “grab a seat on their yellow steps and join the conversation”.

Read on for more information on this event!

Cube Court House / Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Courtesy of

Architects: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
Location: , Japan
Program: Residence
Structural System: Reinforced concrete, steel frame
Site Area: 177.72 sqm
Building Area: 88.75 sqm
Total floor Space: 154.60 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Approaching the Architect

With the Holidays upon us, many of us gather together, drinks in hands, and celebrate together. Except the architects. We tend to be the sullen looking ones at the party, clustered together, over in the corner. Granted, architects aren’t the easiest group to approach, but it is possible, IF you know a few simple conversation starters:

So you’ve seen them standing over there in the corner. Morose and bi-speckled, sipping a cosmo and looking out the window towards a distance church steeple. They seem pensive and dapper at the same time. They’re an architect, but no one’s talking to them? It’s too much pressure? I mean, what do you say to the most interesting person in the room?

Well, here are some possible conversation starters for approaching the Architect, each one sure to start a fascinating and intellectual chat. Go ahead, give it a try:

Architectural League Announces 2012 Winners of Emerging Voices Award

Netscape, SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA, 2011 / © and courtesy of Oyler Wu Collaborative

The Architectural League recently announced the winners of its 30th annual Emerging Voices awards. Each year the League selects eight emerging practitioners through a juried portfolio competition. The award spotlights individuals and firms based in the , Canada, or Mexico with distinct design voices and the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design, and urbanism. The jury reviews significant bodies of realized work that represent the best of their kind, and address larger issues of architecture, landscape, and the built environment. This year’s jury included Henry Cobb, Geoff Manaugh, Paul Lewis, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Annabelle Selldorf, Claire Weisz, and Dan Wood. More images and information on the awards after the break.

Flashback: Posbank Pavilion / de architectegroep, rijnboutt ruijssenaars hendriks van gamerenmastenbroek bv

© Christian Richters

Architect: de architectegroep, rijnboutt ruijssenaars hendriks van gamerenmastenbroek bv
Location: National Park Veluwe Zoom, ,
Project Design: Bjarne Mastenbroek [now SeARCH]
Assistants: Geert Vennix, Alexandra Bonazzi, Willmar Groenendijk, Mark Sloof, Pien Linssen, Michael Davis
Client: Vereniging Natuurmonumenten ’s-Gravezand
Contractor: BAM utiliteitsbouw, Arnhem
Project Area: 640 sqm
Photographs: Christian Richters

Video: New Amsterdam Pavilion / UNStudio / Great Spaces

YouTube Preview Image

Earlier this week, we shared a great clip of a comparison video betwen Lady Gaga and SANAA’s new Museum – if the comparison has you scratching your head, be sure to check out the video!  Great Spaces has also made a short video of ’s Amsterdam Pavilion.  Upon its opening back in the summer of 2009, we had the opportunity to interview van Berkel about his inspiration for the design.   Since then, the landscape and hardscape around the pavilion have been completed, giving it a stronger presence in front of the Staten Island Ferry terminal as it seems more integrated into the swirls of the bike and pedestrian paths.  Thanks to Delaine Isaac for sharing the clip.

House of the Tree / Kokaistudios

© Charlie Xia

Architects: Kokaistudios
Location: ,
Architecture Modification: Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis
Interior Design: Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis, Sherry G, Zoe Lee
Client: China Resource Land (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
Area: 616 sqm
Project Year: November, 2011
Photographs: Charlie Xia

Uşak Intercity Bus Terminal Complex / Collective Architects

Courtesy of

Collective Architects shared with us their proposal for the Uşak Intercity Bus Terminal Complex Architectural Design Competition which won the second prize. Their design aims to bring in a terminal building to the city, which is designed with a well topographic analysis of the competition site. Their approach also involves combining the space left from the terminal building with the recreational area. More images and architects’ description after the break.

House 13 / Atria Arquitetos

© Edgar Cézar

Architects: Atria Arquitetos
Location: Brasília, DF,
Total Area: 650 sqm
Client: Private
Project Team: Gustavo Costa + Gabriela Müller, Ana Carolina Caetano, Alice Leite Flores, Daniel Nardelli, Larissa Olivier Sudbrack
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Edgar Cézar

Playhouse / Anna & Eugeni Bach

© Tiia Ettala

Architects: Anna & Eugeni Bach
Location: Pälölä farm, ,
Collaborators: Uma and Rufus Bach
Project Dates: July 20 -  July 21, 2011
Work Site Dates: August 10 – August 24, 2011
Built Surface: 13,50 m2
Budget: 800 €
Promoter/Owner: Uma and Rufus Bach
Constructor: Self built (Anna & Eugeni Bach)
Photographs: Tiia Ettala

Last summer, architects Anna & Eugeni Bach found themselves in a situation that many parents who are architects with children might be able to relate. Their children, after realizing their parents were architects, wondered why they hadn’t made a house for them. So they promised them they would build a house for them on their grandparents farm in Finland. And, of course, at the kids insistence, they fulfilled their promise. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Bower Street Apartment Building / Katon Redgen Mathieson

© Katon Redgen Mathieson

Architects: Katon Redgen Mathieson
Location: Manly, Sydne,
Year: 2008
Photographs: Katon Redgen Mathieson


Sarah Crowley - Winning Proposal

‘Almost Home’ Competition Winners

Tesseract Collective‘s shared with us the results of their recent competition “Almost Home”, which asked designers to consider how it is possible to rehabilitate homeless people. They hold regular design competitions around humanitarian topics, with the intention of opening discussion…