Ribbon House / G2 Estudio

© Laila Sartoni

Architects: G2 Estudio
Location: San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentinean Patagonia
Structural calculations: Ingenieria Zapata
Project area: 396 sqm
Project year: 2008 – 2010
Photographs: Laila Sartoni

© Laila Sartoni

Linking distant lands, this time was hired by two families from Tahiti- French Polynesia, partners in the adventure to create a holiday house in San Carlos de Bariloche – Patagonia Argentina, the one should have a wide integrated space for leisure and recreation, two master-rooms, two bedrooms for the children, and all the necessary equipment to a holiday house…

Like the current residence style of the owners (on an island), the choice of the area where the house would be implanted also seems to be an island, but this time between two rivers, surrounded by a stunning landscape into the four cardinal points: Cerro Catedral to the West, Sierra Ventana to the South, the Golf to the North, and a canyon with a creek and lush vegetation to the East. This way the house should be sufficiently dislocated in the footprint composition to ensure that each volume can achieve a particular frame of the breathtaking nature…

© Laila Sartoni
© Laila Sartoni


The initial idea comes from the juxtaposition of volumes, each containing different functions, on one hand the social life and in the others the private life. When this volumes meet each other, mixing the geometry and the space, it generate dynamic routes between the activity and rest areas of the house, that getting in tension they experiment the transition between being supported on the rock to raise into the sky searching perfect visuals.

Is this way that we can appreciate an up-down experience link.

The morphology and materials used, were thought to achieve that the strong became in fragile, the solid in ethereal, the supported in support, the dynamic in static, and vice versa.

So the house is a search between the balance, juxtaposition, ribbon, viewing-point, vital tour, and hug.

© Laila Sartoni


To get the artistic expression and for reach the limits of the materials, the work was performed with two different systems that can reflect the idea of the project. The support would be reinforced concrete, bringing it to their fullest potential in horizontal planes, vertical and lead off, for a seismically active area such as San Carlos de Bariloche, along with the stone as a heavy and rustic material in dialogue with the nearly mountains. The sustained would be of steel-frame for the outer shells, partitions, panels, sun visors, which would be clad in from the area taking advantage of its warmth and lightness. For the roof panels and folded it, was used asphalt slate black color, creating color and texture contrasts.

The interiors are the result of the interpenetration of volumes compositional directions respecting convergences and materiality making a dramatic balance between the expression of forms, textures and visuals.-

With Ribbon House G2 Estudio close a small cycle of evolution in the search for housing types, and launches into new spaces for these architectural exploration, arguing that every expression of architecture should be unique and unrepeatable as the users are.

Cite: "Ribbon House / G2 Estudio" 27 Dec 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=98642>
  • Martin

    Ehm… I dont know. Its too busy for me, instead of achieving the “unique” and “complex” its rather complicated and confused.

  • Doug

    Have one too many Pisco sours and I can see someone taking a header down that labyrinth of a staircase. I like that its just not another box, but there is something unnerving about it as a whole. However, the windowscape in the kitchen/dining area is swank.

  • Dan

    I realize that aesthetics is subjective, but I find this design to be busy, overworked, and unnecessarily complex. I think some discreet details show a potential for great design, but I think this one needs a WHOLE LOT of editing.

  • R. Girardin

    Why so complicated?

    • mvb

      Why not?
      Why it has to be simple?

  • http://on.fb.me/holcim-awards Holcim Awards US

    There are some really nice moments. I also think the form does an admirable job of relating to the surrounding mountain peaks.


  • Jrmy

    What a mess!

  • Jrmy

    let me introduce you the “House with nothing straight”

    • bLogHouse

      It was a straight house at first, but then the avalanche came..

  • fjrshnnt

    too much idea also not good, yes?
    so traffic and stressful, maybe if we use simple material and less color it will help at, least it will reduce these chaotic visual,

    but for developing the idea(s) to be a real architectural work, i really respect this work, while most of people just finish until 3d rendering and contract termination haha…

    ps: and that red square line at bathroom handle….ohh god!!! too much mate!!! maybe just white? yes?

  • Totty

    i thought maybe this form in landscape is not mess like that. i like this surreal things in the nature.

  • http://www.brgstudio.com enrico

    I just wonder if this is “truly” necessary…

    • http://fajspro.blogspot.com Fajri

      whether it’s truly necessary or not, it’s a passion for the architect or even the owner to come with something quite different. The thing is this building is quite complete need for the user and it’s seems not excessive at all, literally.

  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    Sometimes the architectural idea is not “truly” necessary…
    It’s just the play with forms… with ideas… it does exists…

  • RG

    Im never a big fan of architects who do this type work, but I have a ton of respect for the craftsmen who put this thing together.

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