Driehaus Prize / Robert A.M. Stern

2011 Driehaus Winner

We’re always excited to bring you news on the latest awarded architects for their contemporary achievements and advancement of the field – whether it be our coverage of the Pritzker, AIA Honor Awards, or the Aga Khan awards, to name a few.   Yet, the Richard H. Driehaus Prize is one prize that recognizes architects whose work embraces the ideas and theories of the past.  Specifically, the prize is bestowed upon those who work  ”embodies the principals of traditional and classical architecture and urbanism in contemporary society.”   Robert A. M. Stern, dean of Yale School of Architecture and principal of his firm, has been named the 2011 recipient of the Driehaus Prize for his commitment to incorporating classical theories into his projects of all scales.  According to Stern, the firm is grounded in the belief of “…continuity of tradition and strive in our work to create order out of the often chaotic present by entering into a dialogue with the past and with the spirit of the places in which we build.”

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Stern told the NYTimes, ” ‘It embodies a recognition of the continuity of the classical principles, the values of the public realm and town planning which I have tried embody in my career.’ He added that it was good to be recognized ‘not just for a set of pretty buildings, but for a set of values and principles and ideals.’  ”

Mr. Stern will receive $200,000 and a model of the Choregic Monument of Lysikrates at the awards’ ceremony in March.  According to the NYTimes, Mr. Stern said he planned to give the prize money to Yale in support of classical architecture.

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  • Jesus H Cristo!

    Someone please stop Robert A.M. Stern

  • peter871

    Robert, we love you!

  • todd

    what a beast…donating all of the money back to support his beliefs…congratulations Bob.

  • Nicolie Krauss

    What a stick in the mud.

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    How does classical theory address sustainable issues?

  • milan K

    boooooooooooooooooo Bob Stern !!!!!
    No matter how many prizes, no matter how many building, Bob stern doesn’t have talent and he knows it.

  • bill

    @milan K: Have you seen Stern’s recently completed Central Park West? I think your comment is ignorant and foolish.

  • Doug C

    As much as I dislike new classical architecture I like Robert Stern for his intellect and dedication. He loves architecture and speaks about it eloquently. He is probably even able to view new classical architecture as a bauble for the unsophisticated wealthy as I do.

  • jacobson’s organ

    he better tell his intern that the model he’s posing next to is crooked. unlesss… stern is going decon?