House on a Slope / Dellekamp arquitectos

Architects: Dellekamp arquitectos
Location: Desierto de los Leones, DF,
Project Leader: Derek Dellekamp
Project Team: Honoré Carmona, Fernando Valencia, Horacio Merediz, Omar Chávez Godoy
Program: Single Family House
Constructed Area: 130 sqm
Project Year: 2002-2003
Photographs: Dellekamp arquitectos

This 130m2 house is located on a rural area adjacent to Mexico City.
Built with a budget of 60,000.00 USD the house employs standard materials and solutions as well as a simple structure.

We placed the house looking to the west were the Izttlacihuatl and Popocatepetl volcanoes can be seen. The remaining three facades are solid to protect the interior from strong winds and assure privacy from the street at the lower level.

The slope is reflected on the glassed facade in the area that is under ground, continuing with the vertical circulation that follows the inclination of the site. To the main volume we added a platform that connects the interior with the and allows to see the complete view of the city that continues to the the north.

In order to accentuate the diagonal tensions of the topography and the house, the rectangles that conform the facades turned into triangles by simply painting them in two tones.

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    Well, as the title says, I think one of the key themes of the house is its relationship to the sloped lot. You’ll notice the play with the two-toned diagonal coloration emphasizing and counteracting and ultimately activating the slope. Also, the structure includes a few small oases of flat, open ground on the roof. It’s a space efficient and light building.

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    yeah,the two-toned diagonal coloration is very interesting!the colors make the dimension of the wall be reinforced!the idea is very good!

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    Nice house!
    It seems… since plans really suck, for starts the site plan has no north!

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