Chungwoon University Library / Hyunjoon Yoo Architects & DANU

© Seunghoon Yum

The new Chungwoon University Library needed to incorporate multiple functions including a conventional library program along with an exhibition hall, lecture hall, president room, chairman of the board room, and typical office space. The architects therefore approached the library design with the outlook that this would be the heart of the university. With a south facing mountain view, various levels of natural light, fresh air, and landscape views help create an environment conducive to reading and researching. The large sloped sight was nicely integrated into the new built environment with multiple stepped terraces. After the break are photographs and drawings of this project.

Architects: Hyunjoon Yoo Architects & DANU
Location: Chungnam, Republic of
Client: Chungwoon University Library and Headquarters
Project Year: 2008-2010
Photographs: Seunghoon Yum

© Seunghoon Yum

When evaluating the site the architects noted that, “it is located at the hill between traffic intersection on the south side and pine tree forest on the north side. The slope of the site is facing the south with a nice mountain view at a distance. On the west side across the road, there are classroom buildings, and on the north side across the pine forest, there are couple of buildings including dormitory and classroom buildings. It is the challenge of the site how to make the pleasant environment condition for the library by using the slope of the site.”


“University is a place for the study and self research.” Architects Hyun Joon Yoo coordinated with and approached the design for the library in the following manner. “We started the building design from the library which is most important program of the given programs. The site is facing the south and has a mountain view at a distance. We defined that the ideal life style at the library is reading a book by the window with a natural view, getting fresh air and sunshine at the terrace right in front of the reading room from time to time. Therefore, we created a stepped terrace mass and located the reading zone along the window with a mountain view, and located the book stock which requires the shadow zone for protecting the books at the rear side far away from the window.”


Having to design both an office mass and a library mass creating a harmonious building was a challenge. “We started the design with the library because we definitely wanted to have a library with a terrace garden. That was our first step of design. Second step was to locate the huge mass of the office building with a lecture hall. And we still have a big chunk of book stocks left. Because of the tight size of the given site, all of these programs have to be located above the library. The office and book stock above literary blocked the natural light and wind reaching the library. In order to solve this problem, we split the mass and create a void space to let the light and wind penetrating the mass.”

© Seunghoon Yum

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  • myungjin Lee

    well, i like it!
    simple, bold but interesting in form, nice programming..
    neat! what else do we need?

  • up_today_arch

    clear idea… nice solution for slop…

  • thaor

    yeah , I like it , clear,forceful, modern but inspired. Nice project!

  • Kris

    Before all the “It looks like ….building” people get on here, I’d like to point out that this is how architecture can look if the architects cite precedent, but then add their own touches and detailing, with the result being a well-designed, contemporary building that reflects in its design an understanding of history and precedent.

  • JDCarling

    Refreshing… I really enjoy the simple mass carving and positive negative balance.


  • Mike

    The model looks very good, but then reality strikes and too many compromises are made. Pretty sad actually. The uniform look from the model with transparent walkways and crossbeams has turned into an cheapish office block complete with mirroring windows and badly designed installation boxes on the roof. Nice model, bad execution.

  • Smail

    I really like this library, it’s an interesting example, but I would like to know about its plans ?? can somebody help me finding them ? thanks :)