Crowsnest Modular Home / Challenger

© Lori Andrews

Architect: Challenger / Herb Enns, OS1 Design
Location: Crow’s Nest Pass, Alberta,
Cost: $210 per square foot plus land, installation
Project year: 2010
Project area: 1050 sq. ft.
Build Time: 38 days
Photographer: Lori Andrews

© Lori Andrews

homes are eco-smart, tailored to fit your lifestyle, and precision-built to order. Conceived by leading architects, homes are efficient, reflect best practices of sustainable design, and offer future-proof comfort and convenience.

floor plan
elevation 01

Quality-built to the highest standards, Challenger homes are also backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Challenger is defying the notion of what’s typically expected from a systems-build process and is challenging the notion that high-design and quality is only available from site-builders.

© Lori Andrews

ALL Challenger models are designed to operate with 30% less energy than a typical site-built house.

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  • neko


    cost isn’t that cheap, time isn’t that short, and the design isn’t that interesting or imaginative.

    what is it that it excels in ?

  • tDA

    This isn’t a project review.
    This is an ad.
    why is it here?

  • FG

    This is nice enough, but looks a little bit too commercial system built inside and what is with those exposed florescent tubes, enough already, we’re going backwards in lighting design and quality it seems.