Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac video tutorials

As we told you earlier, Autodesk for Mac is now shipping and you can download a free trial.

After the break you will find more videos to get started on this new version. Happy drafting!

Use Gestures to Navigate a Drawing

Create and Edit 2D Objects

Create Text and Dimensions

Print a Drawing Layout

Convert 2D Objects to 3D Objects

Create and Modify 3D Meshes

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    BIM / Virtual Building has existed since late 1980′s! Revit is just a “me too” product that Autodesk PURCHASED after AutoCAD Desktop failed & BIM market is quickly becoming the de facto CAD software of choice in the AEC Industry.

    ArchiCAD + MiniCAD ( now Vectorworks ) have been BIM since day one AND available on MAC since day one.

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      Dear Ralph:
      All yuo say is true. We as Mac Users. And using first the ancient ClarisCAD, MiniCAD and now VectorWorks, can say:
      Yes: AutoCAD was the first vectorial CAD in the industry.

      Now there are other very much better. And of course, with all the modules as the same bundle. When you need to make a version equal to VectorWorks Designer, you need invest about US$ 20,000 in AutoCAD.

      For other side, we always send our work before our rival firms. Must be because they use AutoCAD and need to send your work to 3DStudio to get a decent Render.

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    Well I think that AutoDesk should just make all its programs available for Mac. AutoDesk’s absence is actually creating a market for other developers.

    I dont mind using other applications what does bother me is compatibility issues.

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