Shutter Fence / Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

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Check out this installation designed by Noa Biran and Roy Talmon for the Timing 2010 – Bat Yam Biennale of  Landscape Urbanism.  The Biennale is a reaction to existing municipal infrastructure projects, whose long periods of construction disrupt the communities while waiting for ‘a better future.’  The participants were asked to takes these disruptive events and transform them into opportunities for improvement.    Biran and Talmon design a new type of fence that replaces the standard corrugated fence on construction sites.  This new fence is comprised of different operable sections of recycled plastic shutters that can be open or closed to form an ever-changing façade.

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© Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

With all the shutter closed, the fence stands as a strong barrier demarcating and blocking the passage into a construction site, yet as the shuttered sections begin to open, the fence becomes more of a screen that seperates but does not isolate the site behind it.   “Controlling the shutters offers residents of the city transparency specifically with regard to the site but also in terms of overall construction and how it affects the public sphere. Using the shutter, an element borrowed from the private, personal realm, raises questions concerning ownership of that fine line between private and public that is created from the very action of erecting a fence,” explained the Biennale.

© Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

Due to the modularity of the fence, it can be used at any given construction site.  Even a portion of a standard existing corrugated fence can be substituted with this new fence, turning “glancing into the construction site into an urban game and an educational activity, since it exposes the different stages of construction and the construction process.”

© Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

© Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

© Noa Biran + Roy Talmon

Creditst: Noa Biran and Roy Talmon

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Shutter Fence / Noa Biran + Roy Talmon" 30 Sep 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 Aug 2014. <>


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    Well, they’re from Israel, so they must be so professional in creating barriers and fences!!

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    An interesting an sesitive projects.

    Rami- I think the project is more about breaking down barriers than creating them.

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    מאכזב למדי באמת, זה לוקח כל מיני והפרויקט הזה מוסיף שום דברחדש או הבלתי נלאים בפורום זה

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