V&A at Dundee shortlist designs unveiled


Back in May we told you about the interesting group shortlisted for The Victoria & Albert museum’s first base outside London:

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects / Kengo Kuma & Associates / REX / Snøhetta / Steven Holl Architects / Sutherland Hussey Architects

The six designs have finally been unveiled and will be presented on an exhibition at the library of Abertay University on Bell Street in , from 29 September to 4 November.

See the proposals after the break.

Sutherland Hussey Architects
Steven Holl Architects
Kengo Kuma & Associates proposal
Delugan Meissl Associated Architects proposal

Pictures from BBC

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "V&A at Dundee shortlist designs unveiled" 28 Sep 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=79621>


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    A number of good designs, however its a shame to only see one Scottish/British practice on the short list, given the variety of local talent available.

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    These are all the same.

    Funky geometry + crystalline skin = architecture!

    None of these has any interaction with their location, and do not create positive exterior space. And God help you if you want to walk there.

    When did architects sacrifice real, engaging architecture for narcissistic puffery?

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    the Snohetta proposal looks promising.

    and Steven Holl’s proposal looks remarkably like his Casino Knokke “Sail” project. not cool at all.

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    This is “Showbiz” architecture. Architecture from “Talkers”
    (The exclusion is proposal of Sutherland Hussey.
    This is not so talented architecture from “Traders”.)
    And where are the “Thinkers”?
    3T Architecture http://bit.ly/9A1dYU

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    I’m also a bit saddened at so few UK firms, but I would be happy to see any of these developed. if anything, I am surprised from the images how similar they are. must have been some tell tale tidbits in the prompt/brief that took them this way.

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      REX is a pure ShowBIZ
      (following the steps of Zaha or Libeskind, flashy and shallow)…
      None of the proposals strikes me as a unique deep concept.
      But the list of participants is impressive.
      Good show without nice songs :(

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        Showbiz? Don’t let the renderings fool you. That’s Luxigon’s work. Check out the project at rex-ny.com

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    Ok, I have checked… so?
    -Great renderings
    -Whole bunch of sexy meaningless schemes
    -Plans too small and too conceptual to analyze
    -And vulgar analogy with the flower.

    Typical work of “Talkers”. Sorry.

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      meaningless? vulgar? you either don’t understand it or (most likely) don’t want to understand it and in that case there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about it. sorry!

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    The description on the website is very clear, concise. Form is a product of performance! The fractures are created by shrink-wrapping the spoke-and-hub organization of gallery-containers on the upper level. Formalistic indulgence it isn’t!

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    The REX proposal is essentially their Kunsthaus Zurich design carved to look like a flower. They are clearly so ashamed if this similarity and blatant regurgitation that they removed the Zurich project from their site. Shameless Josh. Shameless.

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    Careful jime. You see how showbiz works (and REX is clearly part of it). They vote down all my posts because they don’t like when somebody tells them that they are no more than a “naked Emperor”. But people see it. Shame on “showbiz” architects. They make money, but they will be forgotten soon.

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    Delugan Meissl looks like Porshe museum in Stutgart… REX looks like Libeskind… Steven Holl looks like whatever, but not museum… sametime I think that it is not the best idea to invite star-architects…

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    You guys, don’t just looking at those renderings and under estimate the projects. They have things worth reading, to ponder.

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