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Live on the Edge with OPA's Casa Brutale

Live on the Edge with OPA's Casa Brutale
Live on the Edge with OPA's Casa Brutale, © OPA Works
© OPA Works

In our article for this cliff-hanging project by Modscape published last year, we said that all it really needed was James Bond and an invisible Aston Martin in the garage. Well, the images presented by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) for their new project offer us James Bond and a (sadly visible) Ferrari. Perhaps it's not quite what we expected, but either way it's a big step forward for the super-villains lair market: Casa Brutale gives us wall-to-wall water and concrete set into cliffs above the Aegean Sea in what OPA promises will be a literally ground-breaking development.

© OPA Works © OPA Works © OPA Works © OPA Works +22

© OPA Works
© OPA Works
© OPA Works
© OPA Works

Unclad and simple, the house is all about modesty, making no impact on the landscape beyond a surface swimming pool and a set of steps. Descending these steps, though, brings you to the entire point of this home; an enormous glass façade set flush into the cliff face, bringing an incredible view of the Aegean sea to the entire residence. Upping the stakes, the living quarters are topped with a skylight that turns out to be, in fact, the swimming pool - made of reinforced glass, it functions as the only other window in the house, diffusing the sunlight to soften the hard surfaces of the building itself and giving you views that could plausibly claim to be 100% water.

© OPA Works
© OPA Works
© OPA Works
© OPA Works

With jaw-dropping features like these, OPA chose to keep the rest restrained. Simple, raw concrete surfaces and slabs set off by aged wood and steel form the rest of the project, placing an open living area around the main stairs and a master bedroom on the mezzanine floor, making the incredible water views perfectly visible from the bed, which is also made of cast concrete. The whole thing is cooled by the landscape and the swimming pool, thanks to the design's clever twist - aside from the big chunk of rock removed from the cliff, there's very little impact on the landscape.

© OPA Works
© OPA Works

An inverted Casa Malaparte - brutalist, plain concrete mixed with water, light and rock - OPA says that their concept "seeks for an investor or an ambitious owner to finance its construction." Fill the pool with sharks for extra super villain points, although that might make the view from the bed a little off-putting.

Cite: Dario Goodwin. "Live on the Edge with OPA's Casa Brutale" 03 Jul 2015. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Dina Strange · July 07, 2016

Absolutely love it.

Anna Lucy · July 14, 2015

Why not? whatever the comments, once it clicked just meant that this one got attention. I appreciate it as a passion of architecture.

ecoarchitect · July 10, 2015

Crisp diagram, responds well to context, has a bit of a Richard Meier-esque composition. Freaking awesome, and would take about the engineering level used at the cantilevering grand canyon bridge. Not as fantasy based as some below claim, and it's a beautifully proportioned project. Great work, and the negative comments below are just from people who don't like expressive architecture and would rather live in Victorian style houses for all eternity.

Laertis-Antonio Ando Vassiliou · July 28, 2015 12:22 PM

Dear ecoarchitect,

Thank you for your kind words and for expressing all our thoughts about these haters.

Kind regards,

Anthony · July 06, 2015

"Unclad and simple, the house is all about modesty" ....Modesty? Opinions about the concept is in no way 'modest'.

Albert · December 16, 2015 04:42 PM

That's the most modest architects can get...

Realitywarrior · July 05, 2015

Come on guys?! Helicopter?!

StumblingJack · July 05, 2015

Now that a house with a "view"' , free off anoying neighbours .Just
too escape a while , lol . Don't think living there permantly is a
good idea but just for ttw/three months a year ,

Vicky D · July 15, 2015 12:28 PM

Hey Jack. How are you ? You live in Rotterdam,huh ? Cool.

R1S0 · July 04, 2015

I hate projects like this. Every time i see one i hope it won't be released, because it ruins the place.

Santi Winefinder · July 04, 2015

why? some friends project u posted here?

todd g · July 04, 2015

bond villain house if I've ever seen one.

archi · July 04, 2015

Actually there's a lot of architectural opportunities that have been missed here. To me this looks more like a structural engineer's solution than a brutalist's solution.

Rodrigo Muniz · July 03, 2015

Projeto incrível, parabéns.
Uma sugestão: Coloque a piscina mais para frente, assim a pessoa visualiza o fundo do penhasco.

Reder!c · July 03, 2015

Film set/video game architecture. Cool and moody. Love it!
(not sure i'd be able to live in there though)

arhmatic · July 03, 2015

archdaily, why even publish this stuff, ever?

archi · July 04, 2015 12:33 AM

Click bait.

David Heaton · July 03, 2015 08:34 PM


Croco Dile · July 03, 2015 06:38 PM

Very conventional and exotic at the same time.
Why not ?!


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© OPA Works

"生活在悬崖上" OPA 的Brutale别墅