Antas Educative Center / AVA Architects

© José Campos

Architect: AVA – Atelier Veloso arquitectos
Location: Antas, Porto,
Principals in Charge: Carlos Jorge Coelho Veloso, Rui Filipe Coelho Veloso
Collaborators: Inês Costa
Project year: 2008-2009
Photographs: José Campos

1. Location and Context


The site of action is part of an urban context through the recently redesigned Detailed Plan of Antas. The nearby is not defined by buildings, with only the north to the existence of a huge slope and south of the proposed construction site. The land is entirely surrounded by streets. The area of the school is approximately 2,967.00 m2.

© José Campos

2. Idea

The spatial and architectural design of the building of the new Education Center Antas were formalized in several bodies each containing part of the program in accordance with principles of internal organization, functionality, form and image, given the type of building and its specificity. This conception took into account the morphology of the terrain, solar orientation, access and links to surrounding bodies. It always took account to the relationship established between spaces, between exterior and interior and between interior spaces.

© José Campos

The intension is to formalize and realize the program provided through a drawing of building capable of being fragmented into several bodies interconnected with exterior spaces creating diverse environments. It’s a building consisting of several bodies expressed by a “simple architecture” that will build a close relationship with the exterior spaces. It was intended to create in the spaces between the various bodies the visual relationship between interior and exterior reducing relations with the urban surroundings. There was an intention to turn into how the building relates to the exterior. However there are some links to the outside also. The settlement found answers to a matrix that structuralize a functional organization of the school as a function of the planned program and constraint imposed by various land levels.

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  • BILL

    with photos like these, it seems like the architects were concerned more with form and design rather than space and use. where are all the people?! it’s an education center – show us how the place is – or will be – used.

  • oded


  • up_today_arch

    playfull site… honesty, too much green… but well done space and composition…

  • Mic

    I like how they proceeded with the design. Due to the emptiness and ambiguity of the surrounding context and environment they decided to recreate their own playful outdoor area between the programs.

  • Lucas

    C’mon Gigon+Guyer, have we not seen this many times before?
    Oh, wait… it’s not them! It’s a copycat!

    • sara

      lucas: just because it’s green? have you seen the all project? how you can say it’s a copy?

    • niko

      If something reminds of something else it’s not copying. In art, design and architecture it’s perfectly ok to reinterpret an idea. The only thing that count’s is how well you can put together that what you’ve learned and that what have inspired you.

  • Jakov

    so much effort and so dull space. what is with this courtyards? containing single toy? is it a museum of outdoor toys?
    why is homogenity so seeked for? don’t you wan’t different spaces?

  • kiko

    Nice work! Great color composition. Even to copy you need to be good!

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  • Cheon

    The detail is beautiful and very well executed. I love the window frame detail, color coordination and various proportioned windows. it can be seen as a good evolution of moriyama house..congrads!

  • Ece Cakir

    I think it is a different point of view not to include people into the proposed pictures. Maybe they leave us with our own imagination. Most buildings are accepted as successful only because it attracts people, and people like to spend their time around the building. Looking at these photographs, I honestly was able to imagine kids and even myself in these spaces, and I was happy :)

  • José Rocha

    Fantastic project! Congratulations to AVA Architects.

  • R


  • Marcelo

    Hey!!! I’m making a research about AVA architects and I would like to know their references. If anyone knows would be a great help!! thx and great work!!