Chairama SPA / Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa

© Sergio Gomez

Architects: Giancarlo Mazzanti + (planb)
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Project Team: Jaime Borbon, Andres Sarmiento, Maria Fernanda Pizarro, Jorge Gomez, Ivanovha Benedetto, Juan Pablo Giraldo
Façade Graphic Design: Juan David Diez
Design Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Sergio Gomez

1. Maximum use of the space

The project is located in a traditional square in Bogotá between two other building with a specific norm that defines the height and general setbacks. The requirement to use as much area as possible, outlined a regular cubic volume isolated on all sides from other buildings and completely exposed to natural light.

first floor plan
second floor plan
third floor plan

2. Configuration

The activities within the building are organized into four levels and related to the different thermal levels of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta through botanical and animal shapes. This difference in levels is expressed in a subtle way on the façade, by separating the overall volume in horizontal stripes and in shades of grays. Our spatial strategy allows a fragment of the façade to receive natural light and exterior visuals in all the interior spaces within the cubic volume.

© Sergio Gomez

3. Materials

Through out the whole building uniform materials are selected, reflective and soft colors that amplify everyday interior situations: glass, epoxy floors, ceramic veneers, etc. give unity and amplitude in the space. The humid therapies in the third floor, the flooring material is a wood deck that permits the filtering of water and a warm contact with the skin.

© Sergio Gomez

4. The facade as a membrane

The facade is composed by a double skin: the first skin is located in the inside and is made of glass and concrete, the second, in the outside, is made of metal sheet cut with laser and composed by a pattern of holes in forms of rock as piled earth layers. This texture is compressed or expanded to allow transparency or isolation and defines the visual and environmental exchanges with the outside. The double skin allows intimacy without losing relationship with the outside and depth perception; it acts as a veil that covers the entertainment and sensory characteristics of a Spa.

© Sergio Gomez

5. Travel

On the first floor are located the entry, the reception, the warehouse and a restaurant that opens onto a patio covered with vegetation. In the second floor are located facial massage rooms with glass walls that give depth, light and allow multiple doors to disappear and provide a clean and quiet space. In the third floor are located the pools and all water sports for relaxation, these activities are open on one side and have visuals towards the eastern mountains. The fourth and final level expands and an open courtyard is built that connects the yoga room and a cafeteria that once again enjoys the outside and the distant views.

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  • Albert

    Another cool Colombian project within last few days.
    Very lavish facade.
    It’s good that the article provides pretty detailed text explaining materials & textures. “…it acts as a veil…” Just love this artistic description.

    • frankly speaking

      Hope you get to read this, man. Take your face off when you post your comment next time. It is such an eyesore.

  • MPArch

    My sense of the interiors is great, and yet the overall completed building just looks terrible from the outside. As far as designing for the people USING it, and not LOOKING at it, they’ve fully succeeded, and lately, that’s actually hard to come by! I have to give them credit for that, I would use that spa; but I wouldn’t like it if it were on my street..

  • analia

    the facade looks like there is snow on the building. it is so enchanting.

  • Hardwood Flooring Pro

    This place is amazing :) I wish I was there right about now! Love the mixture of materials, from metal to concrete to hardwood floors, this place is like a modern oasis in the middle of a busy city like Bogota. Thanks for sharing, great shots!

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  • Stacy

    Wow ! The interiors are simply mind-blowing. The outside gives a kind of rustic look ….but still looks good