Plastique Fantastique Installations

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Based in Berlin, Plastique Fantastique experiments with public architectural works to create unique spatial experiences right in the middle of a city.  These giant plastic bubble installations which take on different shapes in different cities, immediately snatch people’s attention and create a temporary focal point in the city centers.

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© Plastique Fantastique + Architettura Sonora

The bubble not only modifies the subject’s appearance, but also alters the perception of spaces citygoers are accustomed to.  “It is foreigner which occupies and mutates usual relations and points of view.
  By cropping the landscape, it gives birth to a new hybrid environment that allows an osmotic passage between private and public space,” added the team.

© Plastique Fantastique

The installations “crop the subject from its context” and draw the subject into a new realm of space.  Whether people interact with the bubble simply from viewing it, or walking around the exterior, or actually moving through the interior, the piece is an instrument to experience the same physical setting in a new way.

© Plastique Fantastique + Architettura Sonora
© Plastique Fantastique + Raumlabor Berlin

These light and transparent structures can lay on the street, invade an apartment or even float on a lake in cities across the world, such as Berlin or Paris, Rotterdam or Barcelona, Massa or Rome.  Yet, no matter their form or their placement, the installations all create “an urban premiere.”

© Plastique Fantastique
© Plastique Fantastique
© Plastique Fantastique
© Plastique Fantastique

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  • Albert

    I find myself strangely attracted to these bubbles as to form of art. This is so rich contextually: you can speak of symbolic solitude inside the bubble seeing the world in transparent isolation or economic bubbles which become part of our everyday life… Those installations, although not full-scale architecture, yet carry some kind of philosophical message… they are indeed “crop the subject from its context” and draw the subject into a new realm of space” .
    Apparently we need more depth and philosophy in our projects rather then catchy exterior of computer generated shapes.

    • le Mies van der Wright

      Albert – Stop trying to promote your own blog in these comments. Not cool.

      • Nombre

        especially if the blog is as bad as yours, it makes no sense to constantly make advertising. albert you should prefer to invest your time in architecture base studies!

        nevertheless i like these bubble studies. the spacebuster van from raumlabor berlin under the bridge is very interesting!