Dillon Residence / Chen + Suchart Studio LLC

© Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

Architects: Chen + Suchart Studio, LLC – Szu-Ping Patricia Chen Suchart and Thamarit Suchart
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona,
Interiors: Studio 4 Design, Suzanne Urban, ASID, IIDA – Director / Principal
Structural Engineering: Claude V. Baker, P.E.
Construction Company: Incline LLC, Kurt Holland
Construction Area: 4,800 sf or 445.93 sqm
Project Year: 2004 – 2007
Photography: Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

The Dillon Residence takes the form of a courtyard house typology. It is a remodel and addition to an existing home situated in a 1950’s and 1960’s neighborhood comprised of one-acre horse properties.

© Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

The original L-shaped form was retained for the main house while a new separate Master Suite volume envelops a newly defined courtyard anchored by a pool on one end. This courtyard serves to promote the outdoors as part of the clients’ daily life. The language of the house takes on a modern language while retaining some of the domestic qualities enjoyed by the clients. The Master Suite is configured as a separate volume and therefore is allowed to establish its own architectural identity that is free from the language of the original L-shaped portion of the house.

© Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

This portion of the house has been remodeled to take on a more modern means of space-making whereby the program of the living, dining, and family room are treated as one larger space, minimally defined by a kitchen space that floats planimetrically in between.

© Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

The language of rusted corrugated metal cladding of the roof at the original L-shaped portion of the house is extended to be the wall cladding at the Master Suite. A large gabion wall comprised of local Salt River rock serves as a backdrop to the courtyard space while establishing a thickened wall to afford privacy for this separate volume. The pool is treated as a destination that anchors the courtyard on its North end and can be opened to the courtyard by means of a large sliding gate.

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    Nice to see a warm and inviting home, that looks like people could actually live in it.
    Architecture and interior design blend seamlessly, and complement one another.
    A welcome change from the pretentious, sterile white boxes that minimalist hipster lizards claim to dwell in.
    The pool is a concrete nightmare. Why they didn’t use some of that oddly gorgeous stonework there too, is beyond me.
    I’m not sure I’d want my kitchen floating “planimetrically.” (What does that even mean?)
    But overall, a truly beautiful example of revitalizing an existing property.
    Kudos to Chen + Suchart Studio, and Studio 4 Design, for jobs well done. The Dillons defiantly got their money’s worth.

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