Bernadotte School extension / Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

© Adam Mørk

Architects: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Bernadotteskolen
Engineers: Moe & brødsgaard
Contractor: DrivhusEffekten ApS
Project Area: 253 m2
Completion Date: 2009
Photography: Adam Mørk

Vandkunsten has completed an extension to the small, alternative Bernadotte School north of Copenhagen. The school is housed in a couple of old villas that have been added to over the years, creating a labyrinthine teaching environment full of character but lacking in facilities and basic outdoor spaces.

© Adam Mørk

Vandkunsten’s new building adds a library, a gym with stage facilities and extends existing classrooms and workshops while new roof terraces leave a larger and more articulated playarea for the kids. All new spaces tie into existing access and circulation.

© Adam Mørk

Construction is lightweight in wood and and insulation values are high. While the project accepts the labyrinthine as a fundamental quality of the place, a degree of visual coherence has been achieved with vandkunsten’s trademark black cladding – and with the stainless wires in place for the three kinds of creepers that have been planted along the new house.

site plan

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    Very nice project. Amazing how the simple wires can add so much to the facades. Well done,

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    I’m envious of the architecture/construction industry in Europe. Even a clean and simple project like this would be prohibitively expensive in the USA, with its poured-in-place concrete and steel detailing.

    It seems like every developer I know would try to get $90/sf down to $89/sf if they could, much less venture up to…gosh..100?

    Aside from my frustrated rant, kudos on this project. Well conceived and detailed!

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    Wes, interesting to see exactly the same complaints we have over here in Europe being expressed by architects in the US!

    Developers are developers are developers. They will always try to screw every last penny out a job/m²

    Your post has just made my day, in a depressing kind of way – cheers!

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      Glad to know I made a positive impact somewhere. In my opinion and from general observation here, it is the boutique design firms (whose clients hire them on the strength of their portfolio and are actively seeking innovative design) that succeed in getting the most interesting projects built. Most often they do not serve developers. The talent exists in many other firms, to be sure, but the clients of more commercially oriented firms are not so much looking to buy ‘design-service’, but are rather more interested in just getting drawings of a preconceived solution.

      Sorry to cloud the post-board of this great project with a side-topic…but their nice details just led us into it:)

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