Pearl River Necklace / NL Architects

Hong Kong Boundaries Crossing Facilities

Dutch NL Architects newest bridge is part of their proposal to connect Hong Kong with the mainland of China.  The bridge’s dynamic twisted form is a great resolution to the  differences in driving styles, namely that in Hong Kong, people drive on the left side of the road and in the mainland China, they drive on the right side.

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Hong Kong Boundaries Crossing Facilities

To address the changes in driving, the architects have designed the road flipper – a device designed to ‘celebrate’ the traffic switch. It aims to redirect traffic in an efficient and safe way by physically twisting the roads.

Bisecting the Bridge

In addition to the bridge, NL Architects have proposed to make some adjustments to the master plan to improve the area. The ‘necklace’ is formed by an archipelago of artificial islands along the border of Hong Kong and China.

Overview of Islands
Where the two sections meet
Plan of Pearl Necklace Islands

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      да и в плане стоимости работ – тоже не рационально

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    Was the reference to pearl necklace really that necessary?

    Simply elegant and clever otherwise.

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    Practical? Elegant? that thing is a killing machine, so many curves it’s downright suicidal. Is that easy to forget why we do things like we do and to think is just “boring”? Functionality ppl!

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      Car bridges ought to be straight. Why you ask?
      Because it has been proven over and over again that if you drive on a bridge you behave differently than on a regular road.

      Think about it – you are put in a situation where you feel like you could drive into a chasm (even if it’s not true) if you make a mistake. There are also other people driving next to you and you have a feeling like there’s nowhere to escape to. This causes temporary claustrophobia, sweaty hands etc.

      One curve is already a risk…TWO CURVES???…WITH A SLOPE???…Death bridge in the making.

      But I guess it looked cool from bird’s view.

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    Apart from appear insecure, if they realize the lanes are reversed. Nothing functional in this bridge.

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    A straight road wouldn’t claim drivers attention to the fact that they’ll switch to driving in the other side of the road…
    And maybe you just pay more attention to the road than on a straight one where people crash because they are busy looking at the view..

    Pretty good idea NL

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    As I know, that’s a fact that people do mistakes while driving on a straight road.

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    this bridge of structure is close to water what happend when flood…

    what is the reason of 2 way.aultimate destiny is it economecal thos 2 way bridge…

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