Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture

Chicago - Photo by Arch//Land -

People at opentravel made a on the world’s best planned cities. We surely agree on some of them, but we also think there are a lot of cities that may very well deserve a spot on the list. What do you think?

The complete ranking with photos taken from our Flickr pool after the break.

7. Toronto, Canada:

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6. Copenhagen, Denmark:

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5. Barcelona, Spain:

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4. New York, USA:

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3. Sydney, Australia:

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Photo by Wojtek Gurak -

2. Berlin, Germany:

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1. Chicago, USA:

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Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture" 31 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • xcv

    Where is WARSAW ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

    • Xider

      In Poland! Hello!??! ;)

    • j

      warsaw? is lacking modern design compared to most of the great cities. but im sure it will get there one day. when it comes down to poland…id say krakow is where its at.although it also lacks modernism.which isnt necessarily bad. maybe im missing something? what do you see specifically in warsaw? im curious

  • chgchg

    nice to see chicago and toronto recognized, but surely amsterdam and/or rotterdam and tokyo deserve a place on the list?

  • Fernando

    and Brasília?!

    • Daveed Boots

      That’s a controversial pick! From what i’ve seen in pictures and video, its a beautiful place with a great deal of detail in the planning, as one might expect.

      However, put into practice, the city reportedly leaves much to be desired by its residents. Not to mention the slums on the periphery.

  • Norman

    Chicago is my favourite city in the world, and I’m happy to see it take the top spot!

    … but seriously, I live in Toronto and it is far from well planned, although changes have been made for a better city. Surely some other European city deserves that spot atleast?

  • intrernautas

    Who the hell made such a dum list? maybe that gu made a list of the cities he has seen in his life…

  • Thomas

    having beautiful modern buildings does not mean the city is well planned. I would have imagined images of the city from above, or streets with monuments.

    • Adri

      agreed 100%

  • ryan

    you’re kidding. chicago beats berlin? this is a joke.

    • omar akl


      • thomas

        explain please. Burhnam was a genius. Chicago’s lakefront, skyline, architecture, public transit, public parks, and public events warrant the honor. ‘Better’ or ‘worse’ can be debated of course, but “a joke” I don’t see.
        this list is confusing because the headline reads ‘best cities for design and arch…’ which chicago shouldn’t win because nothing that great has been built in the last few decades- besides mil park- But the first line reads ‘best planned city’ and chicago kills here.

      • Sanjo

        Berlin or Barcelona should be on the top of the list. Chicago!?!? Great building were built in the past….and that’s it.

  • josecarlos

    Barcelona is by far the best most beautifully planned city in the world, the street grid has its own unique character and they’re still keeping up with projects planned 100 years ago

  • james

    im not sure why i feel the urge to add my 2 cents as it’s obvious a poll like this is going to disagree with 90% of the people but anyway… sydney?
    the place is a planning nightmare. no suprise that the two images of sydney show the opera house as its the only interesting part of the city.

    • Gee Gee

      I live in Sydney and I have to agree. It should not be on the list. We haven’t done anything interesting since the Opera House and the city is far too conservative to be considered in the top 10 for design and modern architecture.

  • Nicholas Patten

    Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture.

  • GRock

    I think the list rather accurate; Chicago deserves the top spot. However, I would have liked to have seen Melbourne instead of Sydney as it is Australia’s design capital.

  • will

    oh c’mon… Sydney?
    The ONLY piece of architecture is the Opera house. It defines all and overshadows all. It is by far one of the many best and worst mistakes the city has ever made.

    I agree with GRock. Melbourne is a constellation of good architectures on a flat and boring milieu.

    Sydney is blessed with views, weather and geography (probably also making its architecture insignificant). Melbourne had to work itself up to the city it is today.

  • Cindy FrewenWuellner

    Chicago #1 RT @phi162 @studioloraine @StephanGermanov: best cities 4 design & architecture @archdaily #architecture

  • Daveed Boots

    I hear Amsterdam and Tokyo, what about Paris?

    As far as city planning and architectural vision it would be hard to ignore it and place Toronto on the list – and i’m from Toronto!

    The Arab Institute, Tour Eiffel.. Palaces, monuments, bridges.. Toronto is a bland piece of toast next to these Paris ‘croissants’!

    And for a travel site to omit Amsterdam, architecture aside, thats just plain crazy!

    • max

      daveed, you are mistaken subject. or maybe you think the eiffel tour and palaces are modern architecture, in that case you born in the wrong century.
      Paris is an old city where there few new architecture possible to built. amsterdam looks same.

      don’t understand why sydney is selected with an old and unique building.

      picture of berlin sucks, but it have a right place

      • Charles

        Agree, and I’ve been living here for 25 years.
        Paris is ultra-conservative… nothing has been done after Piano+Roger’s Centre Pompidou.

  • Florian Schwegel

    Doubtless, this cities are beautiful; But i really dont agree, that they are the best planned cities worldwide. Maybe they are OK for holiday. But as said before, there are several really awesome cities missing…
    By the way, a really great city is Vienna – absolutely my opinion. There is another ‘Quality of living ranking’from mercer taking NYC as origin. (Vienna is on top *yeah* !)

  • Florian Schwegel
  • Bertrand Portier

    Sidney & Berlin beat NYC? Not serious…
    NYC for ever. By far.

    • Sanjo

      NYC is amazing city (Where I live!!) but that doesn’t mean it’s well planned…..cause it’s not. Better planned than Sidney for sure, but Berlin and Barcelona beat all the rest!

  • Raphael Staehelin

    just came back from a seminar trip to seoul… very impressive city, makes switzerland look like a bacward country in comparison….

  • Disinto

    Singapore should definitely be in the list!

  • Janeusz

    I’m surprised that cities from the old world made the list. They started out more than 1000 of years ago, I guess they planned them pinpoint perfectly.

  • nas

    im surprised that Dubai isn’t there uhh weird

    • amian

      Well, they said best not most.

  • kamil

    I was hoping for at least a single word about London

  • Torontonian

    Now the title says best cities for Modern Design and Architecture, but the article asks for the best planned cities. While I do live in Toronto and I can agree there are some modern gems, I wouldn’t go as far as to rank it as high as 7th, there are surly some better cities. Yes we have designs by Normal Foster, I.M. Pei, Mies, and others, albeit their firms and lesser involvement of the actual architect. But if we go by planned design, Toronto is absolutely horrible and should not be listed as a best example. Horrible freeways (we have the most volume of any highway in North America, HWY401), an archaic public transit, massively disconnected neighbourhoods and the weakest political will of any city for progressive change. I might come off harsh, but my time spent here and travels around the world have shown just how lacking Toronto really is


    Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture | ArchDaily

  • Deena Parham

    Chicago is #1! rt @archdaily Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture

  • Dimitris

    The question is about “the world’s best planned cities”. Old or new it should not matter…So… Where is PARIS? Paris has set the standards for all city planning of the modern world (along with the Romans & ancient Greeks). Also it has amazing infusions of modernity that contrast with the old.
    It is the upmost example of a successfuly planned city.

  • Cliff

    I find this an insultingly superficial and a highly white-washed ranking. What are your criteria? It doesn’t seem like any rigour or thorough research has been applied. How many cities were initially considered?

  • Axel

    Where is Oslo??????????